Your Recipe Contest: Week 4 Winners

Cook up a storm this week with these winning recipes.

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Week 4 of our Summer Recipe Contest saw a mix of traditional and modern recipes. While some went on to recreate flavours from the childhood, a few others challenged their creativity and present innovative dishes we've never seen or heard before. Here, we bring to you the 10 mouthwatering dishes that soared to the top of Your Recipe Contest this week. 

1) Dal baati Choorma with Chonk Waali Mirch by Shilpa Dash

With 740 votes, this dal baati choorma with chonk waali mirch recipe won the first position in this week's Summer Recipe Contest. It is a Rajasthani dish that features dal, ghee-dipped baati (wheat flour balls), choorma (a coarse powder made using fried balls made with wheat flour and jaggery) and tempered green chilli.

2) Chicken Amazon by Tanvir Kaur Biswas

Tanvir Kaur Biswas's humble attempt to paint a beautiful picture of the Amazon forest through his dish earned him 681 votes. This chicken Amazon recipe has chicken stuffed with broccoli and white sauce. It is served alongside mango salsa and peanut sauce, and garnished with thyme sprigs.

3) Bread Butter Pudding by Payal Ramlavat

Want to give the usual bread and butter an exciting makeover? Try this dessert recipe made using bread, butter, milk, custard powder, sugar, dry fruits and chocolate syrup. You can enjoy the pudding as is or eat it with a scoop of ice cream. Payal Ramlavat's bread butter pudding received 581 votes.

4) Grilled Chicken with Eggy-berry Salad by Chandrasmita Talukdar

This delectable grilled chicken is relished with a healthy eggy-berry salad prepared with boiled egg whites, kale, lettuce, raspberry, carrot, broccoli, cucumber, and onion. Talukdar's chicken recipe was voted as one of the winners by 504 people.

5) Steamed Methi Balls by Mamtha Choudhary

Wheat flour is kneaded with onion, methi leaves, bottle gourd, poha, green chilli, salt and powdered spices such as turmeric, red chilli and coriander to make a dough. It is then turned into bite-sized balls and steamed for 20-30 minutes and eaten with hot kadhi. 501 people voted for this steamed methi balls recipe by Mamtha Choudhary.

6) Fruit Custard by Prerna P

Beat the summer heat with a bowl of this simple and delicious custard loaded with mango, apple, banana and pomegranate. It can be prepared in an hour or less and is best served chilled. Prerna P's easy dessert recipe got 500 votes in our Summer Recipe Contest.

7) Mango Cake with Pistachio Sorbet and Caramel Jelly by Atharva Dichavalkar

Make the most of the mango season with this mouthwatering fruit cake that won with 428 votes this week. It is paired with a freshly made pistachio sorbet and caramel-flavoured jelly. 

8) Masalapuri by Rakesh

A much-loved street food from Chennai and Bengaluru, the masalapuri is a chaat prepared using boiled white peas, potato and a spicy gravy. It is topped with raw onion, tomato, coriander, chaat masala, tamarind chutney, green chutney, puri and sev. 

9) Mini Mango Cheesecakes by Mahima Pasari

Love cakes but bored to bake? Here's a solution. This week's winner number 9 is a no-bake cheesecake made with ripe mango, digestive biscuits, butter, sugar, cream cheese, whipping cream, and mango pulp. These mini mango cheesecakes received 342 votes. 

10) Manchurian by Manju Tarachand

This quick and easy vegetarian appetiser is perfect for those fun dinner parties with family amid lockdown. Manchurian features deep-fried fritters dunked in a gravy made with soya sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, ginger-garlic and vegetables.  


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