Your Favourites Under One Roof: Top Recipes of 2016

Because you loved us so much, here is a return gift.

2016 has been an eventful year for Living Foodz.Apart from introducing new shows on the channel, we applauded the best in the business with Living Foodz Powerlist Awards and launched, drumrolls please, LivingFoodz.com. But the cherry on the cake was your love that never dipped and we feel truly grateful. So, before the year ends, we would like to give something in return for all the love that came our way. We bring to you a list of recipes that you loved the most...

Your favourite: Soybean Manchurian


It seems like we helped you to stay healthy with Soybean Manchurian recipe. Hope we made healthy food tasty for you.


Your favourite: Avocado, Bacon, & Chicken Burger


Did we secretly give away the recipe to make the best burger? Chicken and bacon in one burger; how awesome is that! We think we just brought your culinary dream to reality.


Your favourite: Rum Balls Cake Pops


Did we get you high on cakes? Yes, but perhaps not entirely true. But we are sure that this dessert rocked at your party and everyone is still telling tales about the cake pops that got them high. *wink*

Your favourite: Bacon and Cheese pie



We bet apple pies are awesome. But this bacon pie with melted cheese is notches higher. Who said so? YOU. Yes, you brought it to the most-viewed recipes list.

Your favourite: Bakarkhani


Ditch those English muffins, because Bangladesh’s bakarkhani now comes to India. Hope we brought variety to your tea-time snacks list with this delicious and light treat.

Your favourite: Pasta Creamy Tomato Sauce


Italian food is ruling people’s heart across the world. And this recipe would have been a blessing when you wanted to impress your better half.

Your favourite: Roast Chicken


Indulge in the flavours of roasted chicken sprinkled with herbs without worrying about the calorie-count.

Your favourite: Amritsari Fish Tikka Slider


This recipe gave the American mini burger a desi touch, and we are positive that no one settled for just one.

Your favourite: Pineapple Spring Rolls


In case your kids do not love fruits, this is the best way to feed them. Hide it in roasted spring rolls.

Your favourite: Masala Chia Cookies


We assume that you have bid adieu to those super-market biscuits after trying out this recipe. Are we invited for your tea party with some Masala Chai Cookies?

Hope we made your search easy-peasy and here’s wishing that the New Year brings more deliciousness your way.

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