You Can Never Go Wrong With Black, Proves Noir Dessert!

A plush address in Juhu for all your sweet cravings.

Sayoni Bhaduri

Twenty-two years ago, a bright-eyed young chef set up a little pastry shop in Bandra that introduced the decadent world of brownies as desserts and made them hip for all celebratory occasions.

But this journey started much earlier for Chef Manish Khanna, “I was in class eight when I decided that I wanted to be a part of the hospitality industry. I was enamoured by the glamour and glitz associated with the industry.” After graduating from Sophia’s in 1992, Khanna honed his passion for baking during his stint at the Taj Hotels and Sea Rock Sheraton in Mumbai. 

Straight to the Point

Brownie Point was born in 1997 when people weren't really familiar with the idea of brownies and thus set the trend for tasty, affordable confectionery that was a class apart from the regular cakes and pastries that dominated the existing market.

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“It took me around three years to make profits. What kept pushing me was the fact that I liked being an entrepreneur and I did not want to fail. I travelled across the world picking up new tricks of the trade, including a brief stint at the famed Tribeca Grill & Bakery, owned by none other than actor Robert De Niro,” he says.

Offering something new and different that was not the run-of-the-mill cakes, Brownie Point made way for classy desserts such as profiteroles, a simple classic and chocolate choux pastry filled with creme patisserie and soaked in chocolate ganache or gooey soft-centered Walnut, Overloaded chocolate brownies, that are still all-time favourites. 

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A Brand ‘Noir’ Day

While the first Brownie Point store in Bandra is an iconic landmark, the second outpost nestled in Juhu’s newly renovated Alfredo has donned a glamorous avatar as a luxurious dessert cafe. 

Noir, inspired by the luxe appeal associated with the colour black, is a premium dessert and beverage café “The kiosk style format housed at Alfredos 2.0 is something that gave us the perfect platform to take this concept forward." 

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Noir stands for the prefect combination of classic and modern flavours that are sure to appeal dessert lovers craving for something extraordinary. At Noir, you can treat yourself to decadent offerings such as Pecan Pie, Belgian Chocolate and Orange cake, and Khanna’s favourite, profiterole, along with a delicious cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer). You can even indulge in their Gluten-free Chocolate Hazlenut slice cake for conscious eating. 

With Noir, Khanna has put together his years of travel, learning and gaining new perspectives in the world of baking. It is a blank canvas with creative experimentation using diverse ingredients, playing with different concepts to create and offer more than what is available in the marketplace. Noir lovers, expect a new expansion soon and a bite of the oh-so-delicious Honey Cake and Pistachio Milk Cake taking over Mumbai’s sweet trail soon.

Images Courtesy: Noir


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