Yes, These Libido-Boosting Foods Can Enhance Your Sex Life

Eight foods that should be part of your feast of love

Annabelle D’Costa

Could what you eat affect how often you and bae get into the mood for a session in the sack? 

Science says, nahh...not really. There ain't no foods that have a direct link to improving your sex life. Sorry, no natural Viagra you can munch on. But, certain foods do play a huge role in increasing your libido levels and getting you in the mood.  

Ask any Harry Potter fan and they'd agree that 'Amortentia' is the most powerful love potion on the planet. However, 'muggles' or humans, haven't had it easy and are yet on a search for such a magical elixir. While ancient civilizations cooked recipes with ludicrous ingredients such as sparrow brains and beetles, till date in Colombia, the "big-bottomed" female leafcutter ant is considered a local aphrodisiac.

The reason why such libido-boosting foods developed a cult status was mainly because they resembled certain body parts, and were thought to evoke lust. The Greeks, on the other hand, considered seafood as sexually potent, because the goddess of sexual love, Aphrodite, emerged out of the sea. In Europe, up until a couple of centuries ago, aphrodisiac recipes were based on the theories of the Roman physician, Galen, who believed that foods worked as aphrodisiacs if they were "warm and moist" and "windy", reports WebMD. Trust the Romans to fancy flatulence in bed!

Fast forward to today, and aphrodisiacs or sex-driving foods are no longer love potions that were desired to produce a long line of children to carry forward your kingdom or lineage. They are pretty much sensual and sensorial foods with evocative colours, lustful flavours and suggestive shapes, to tease your senses and stimulate desire, all the right ingredients for great sex. After all, your most powerful sexual organ is not down there, but between your ears! Scroll down for some precise details.


With a long-standing reputation as an aphrodisiac, thanks to the Mayans who used cacao beans to pay for concubines, chocolate evokes passion and pleasure. History has recorded it, and now there’s evidence to back chocolate’s libido-boosting claims. According to a 2013 online study published on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, chocolate can change your serotonin and endorphin levels, flood your brain with the happy chemical dopamine and prevent your estrogen levels from dipping–thereby making you receptive! 

Here's how you can end your date with bae on a sweet note: 
Yes, These Libido-Boosting Foods Can Enhance Your Sex Life

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Red wine

A light buzz gets things going, and the sex is best when you and your partner are relaxed and willing to boldly go where you've not gone before, and explore the nether regions of your mutual desire. And here's another reason why a glass of red wine a day may prove great for your sex life. A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who drink a glass of red wine every day had increased sexual drive and vaginal lubrication compared to those who don’t drink at all. Besides, the polyphenols in red wine may increase blood flow to your erogenous zones. However, don’t go overboard because if you do, you might find yourself a little too frisky and unable to perform well.

Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng

Ashwagandha, from Sanskrit, translates to ‘the smell of a horse’ simply because the roots of the plant give off a smell like horse urine. While its praises have long been sung by Ayurveda, this herb is also said to have aphrodisiac properties, and is for this very reason earned itself the moniker ‘herbal viagra’. or in layman terms - food to naturally increase stamina. The herb helps stimulate the production of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a hormone that is converted into testosterone and estrogen, thereby improving sexual desire, reports DNA.  Be warned, it has a strong and bitter taste; a teaspoon or two of Ashwagandha in your smoothies, desserts or even a warm glass of milk, could do the trick.

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We’ve all been victims of the unexpected chilli leaving our mouths on fire. Turns out that this notorious ingredient can get you ‘hot’ in more ways than one. Eating them helps mimic the state of sexual arousal, while at the same time stimulating the release of endorphins, thereby arousing sexual pleasure. Times to spice up your foods and also sex-life!

For a sweet and spicy surprise, give this Churros Recipe a try:
Yes, These Libido-Boosting Foods Can Enhance Your Sex Life


Strawberries have lore surrounding its erotic functions. Looking back, this berry was the symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love in Roman mythology, mainly due to its heart-like shape. Strawberry has also come to be associated with fertility, thanks to its innumerable seeds. While there’s little scientific evidence to back the libido-boosting properties of this fruit, besides them being high in health-promoting antioxidants, a strawberry or two dipped in chocolate wouldn’t hurt, right?

These Strawberry Cottage Cheese Tikkas could do the trick:
Yes, These Libido-Boosting Foods Can Enhance Your Sex Life


Well-known for its aphrodisiac quality mainly because of its resemblance to the female genitalia, there really isn’t a non-sexy way to eat oysters. But that’s not all. We’ve got compelling evidence that would totally make you want to add them to your date-night menu. Oysters are known to contain two specific amino acids, D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate, which help increase sex hormone production. Besides, they are also rich in zinc and magnesium, both of which have important roles to play in the act of sex.  


Not something you want to chew on before getting intimate, however,  garlic is a ‘hot’ food. Its consumption is known to increase testosterone levels, and thus desire for sex. Besides, one of the benefits of eating garlic is heart healthy and keeps your blood vessels squeaky clean. Better blood flow results in better erections in men, and lubrication in women.  


There has to be a reason why author D. H. Lawrence dedicated an entire poem to the sensual powers of this summer fruit—you’ll never look at a cut fig the same way again! Rumoured to be Cleopatra's favourite fruit, the ancient Greeks immediately took it upon themselves to associate figs with love and fertility. Besides, the Bible too bears witness to fig’s erotic powers stating that Adam and Eve found refuge in fig leaves and used them to cover themselves. So, what’s all the fuss about? Figs are a good source of antioxidants, flavonoids, fibre, potassium, minerals and vitamins, all of which play an important role in increasing sexual desire.

These yummy anjeer samosas could help set the mood:
Yes, These Libido-Boosting Foods Can Enhance Your Sex Life

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