World Taco Day: 5 Places To Eat This Mexican Delicacy In Mumbai

Mex it up at these foodie joints that serve the best tacos in the city


October 4th is celebrated as World Taco Day. Not that we need a reason to dip into Mexico's most popular dish. Join in the celebrations by spending your day eating these delish tacos especially hand-curated for you across Mumbai. It's time to Mex it up if you know what we're saying.

Jamjar: Checkout their crispy snapper tacos. The shell is crispy, the fish is crispy and it is just perfect. Not a fish person? Try their pulled pork and pineapple taco, they gel very well together. 

The Clearing House: Try the Paprika Spiced Lamb Tacos here. Before you go ahead, keep a beverage ready as you will need one to tackle the pungent taco. The meat is marinated with paprika, jerk spice and cooked in a tandoor. This is for sure to help you pass the hangover in the morning if had for breakfast.

The Bombay Canteen: The fusion of two different cuisines from India itself – Gujarati and Goa. Taking the Thepla from the land of Gujjus and the Pork vindaloo from the beaches near Goa comes the Goan Pulled Pork Vindaloo Tacos. The meat is tender, melt-in-your-mouth variety and topped with crispy pork skin giving it that crunchy factor.

If Goa is already calling put to you, head here for some Goan inspiration 

One Street Over: Located in the center of the city – Bandra. This place is a gastropub serving some great food and drinks. The one thing that you should try here are the Tempura Fish Taco. The fish is fried, served along with slaw and a dollop of sour cream encased in a soft shell taco. They also make in-house Sriracha so if you want to heat up things between you and the food, a spoonful of the Sriracha will do it for you.

It Happened In New York: Not many people like jackfruit and if you are one of them, you should try the Pulled Cumin Jackfruit Tacos here. It is just right to give competition to any other meat variation that one gets in the city. The shell is quite thick and made of black rice and cornmeal. The fruit is a bit bland but when topped with in-house guaca, sour cream and some pico, it just makes it stand out.

If you're more of a DIY person, you might find your calling in these taco recipes.  

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