Wonder Oats: Ways to Up Your Cooking Game

There’s so much more to oats apart from oatmeal. Here are ways to help you include this whole grain in every meal from breakfast to dinner.

Annabelle D’Costa

Nothing says morning better than a nice, warm bowl of oatmeal. This breakfast staple may help you start your day on the right note but eating it the same traditional way – with a dash of milk and sugar or honey – can turn this healthy meal into a boring affair. Promising you your daily dose of nutrients which include protein, magnesium, healthy carbs, and dietary fibre, this versatile grain can only do you justice when taken beyond the breakfast table. Good news is that the benefits of oats come in handy even when added to a variety of recipes which can, in turn, help you add healthy to your lifestyle.

Smoothies for the Win

Breeze through your late mornings without having to skip breakfast with a tall glass of oats smoothie. Just throw in fruits of your choice, some rolled oats, low-fat milk or Greek yoghurt, some nuts, and you’re good to go. For an instant dose of taste, you can add a dash of cinnamon and honey. In no time you’ll be left with a protein shake, low on calories and rich in nutrients! Try this healthy almond and date smoothie recipe.

Weight Watchers Delight

Oats make a great addition to your lunch or dinner routine, especially for those trying to lose weight. With veggies of your choice and spices at hand, you are just a few steps away from marrying taste with health. Just as you use your jowar or bajra flour to make rotis, phulkas or puris, oat flour can be used along with wheat flour. Use finely ground instant or rolled oats and wheat flour in equal ratio, and get rolling! Try this healthy pancake recipe which makes for a great evening snack. It tastes best when paired with some spicy mint chutney or yoghurt. You could also up your pasta game by making your own dough with the added goodness of oats. Here’s the recipe to help you get started.

Bake Your Way to Health

Oat flour can be used as a healthy substitute for regular flour in baking cakes, muffins and bread. Skip the chips and all-purpose flour biscuits, and instead prepare yourself a batch of vegan (and even gluten-free) baked goodies by throwing in some oat flour, oats and chia seeds. You can step up your baking game by adding some chopped fruits, coconut shreds and healthy fats like almond butter or cashew butter. They make a great evening snack and even a healthy breakfast option. You can also skip the store-bought granola protein bars for your own homemade no-bake protein bars. These to-go energy bars can be made with varied combinations including peanut butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and dried fruits. You can also satiate your sweet tooth cravings with this healthy oats muffin recipe, and thank us later.

Snack Right

Skip the corn flour and instead opt for dry roasted oats to your cutlet mixture of potatoes, meat or vegetables. Besides, you can also use finely ground oats as a replacement for corn flour or breadcrumbs for coating before frying your cutlets. To make your pakoras a bit healthy, either roast oats or soak and drain them, before adding it to the mixture of spices and besan flour. While you can't discount the amount of oil you consume, you can at least have a snack that's filling and a tad bit healthier. You can also work in advance by grinding rolled oats or instant oats to a fine powder for later use, up to 3-4 months. Try these healthy baked cheese straws that spell healthy, courtesy oats. Pair them with a hot cup of chai and enjoy the monsoon!

Soupy Comfort

A nice, warm and healthy bowl of soup can help you beat the monsoon chills by powering you up. Easy to make and high on nutrition, soups make for a great evening snack or even a hearty meal. Apart from your veggies, you could step up the health quotient of your soups by throwing in some oats. These whole grains help create a filling and nutritious meal without even compromising on the taste factor. You could either use the old-fashioned rolled oats or finely ground oats powder to make a meal that’ll warm you to the core. This spicy oats and melon soup is comfort food at its best.


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