Will You Delete Your Instagram Feed For a Year of Free Air Tickets?

jetBlue's latest sweepstakes contest poses the challenge to its US customers

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Now, here’s an eye-grabbing contest that really challenges the social media generation. JetBlue has launched a sweepstakes contest that will offer the winner a year’s worth of free flights, in exchange for wiping their Instagram account clean. Yes, you read that right.

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It’s a big ask for heavy social media users, but the low-cost American airline’s marketing pitch challenges candidates to clean their Instagram slate, making way for the prospect of posting new photos from their year of free travel, courtesy jetBlue.

All You Can Jet

The ‘All You Can Jet Pass’ offers unlimited travel between April 1, 2019, and March 31, 2020. To enter, candidates can either delete or better yet, archive their photos. Then, to be eligible for the bounty, candidates are required to upload a jetBlue image, customize and fill in the blank “All You Can _____” and post it on their Instagram account with the tag @JetBlue and #allyoucanjetsweepstakes hashtag.

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In case you’re not hot on the idea of deleting or archiving hundreds of photos, here’s an insider hack - there’s nothing that prevents users from creating a new page to enter the contest. However, the marketing guys at jetBlue may outsmart you by having sneaky checks in place for participating Instagram accounts.

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Unfortunately for resident Indian globetrotters, the contest is only open to US residents and closes on March 8. However, were an Indian airline to come up with such a contest, will a year’s worth of free flights tempt you to kiss goodbye to your Insta feed (along with all the likes and comments you have amassed)?


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