The Indian top-order batsman doesn’t portray the same finesse in the kitchen as he does on the pitch with his bat

"That fearlessness!" beams Rohit Sharma, the popular right-handed opening Indian batsman when we begin chatting about ex-cricketer Sandeep Patil. "...Sandeep Sir was a fearless cricketer and that unsettled his opponents. That is something that I would like to bring into my game." 

Sharma and Patil go a long way back. "We first met in Bengaluru when I was playing for the Under-17 cricket team and Sandeep Sir was coaching the India-A team. We had a brief discussion about the game. He had a few positive insights to share about my game, which was motivating," shares the Mumbai-based batsman. Ever since then, the two have shared a somewhat mentor-mentee relationship, "Whenever we get a chance, we get together and discuss the game. He has always been encouraging, and wanting me to grow as a cricketer," adds Sharma.

But the key quality that Sharma wants to imbibe from Patil is his cricketing style: "Sandeep Sir's fearlessness coupled with the kind of aggression that footballer Zinedine Zidane brought to the field, would be an interesting combination. And not to forget Sachin Tendulkar's classy batting. I grew up watching him, and have spent a lot of time with Sachin, discussing our game and learning from him."

Sharma is looking forward to Patil's cooking,  "Sandeep Sir had promised me several times that he would cook a meal for me, but nothing materialised. So, I am looking forward to relish his cooking today," the Team India captain for Asia Cup 2018 says with a smile.

Eggtastic Diet

Sharma's face perks up when he talks about his choice of protein, "I love all egg preparations, but fried eggs are my favourite. I gorge on eggs to build up on my protein. I have taken it easy with the carbs as advised by my nutritionist."

To satiate his love for eggs, Sharma has tried to cook them himself, rather unsuccessfully, we must add, and almost brought the house down. "Though I do not enter the kitchen too often, this one time I tried making an omelette. But I could not get it right, not even something as basic as its shape. The egg got stuck on the pan and was burned. It was a complete disaster. And that was the last time I entered the kitchen," Sharma sheepishly admits. Another thing that Sharma loves is his sleep and confesses to having missed the team bus after having overslept. "I was punished for that and I learned from my mistake. It has never happened again," Sharma concludes with a straight face. 

This interview was conducted with Rohit Sharma on the sets of Living Foodz show Taste Match hosted by veteran cricketer and ex-BCCI selector Sandeep Patil .

Creative courtesy: Vartika Pahuja

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