Why Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards Will Set a New Standard in Dining

Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards (LFEGA) recognises restaurants and the F&B industry in India who are continuously pushing the envelope of creativity and innovation in food.

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Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards (LFEGA) is India’s first food awards to go to extraordinary lengths with a meticulous voting process and anonymous dining by food experts from the esteemed jury panel of LFEGA to honour outstanding culinary experiences in India.

LF aims to celebrate India’s best restaurants and people from the culinary industry with LFEGA, which upholds complete transparency in its selection process. Almost a year is spent shortlisting restaurants across various categories, followed by several jury meets and anonymous dine-outs—a hallmark of this prestigious award platform. In order to ensure complete credibility, a process advisory agency is on-boarded from start to finish. For the 2019 edition of LFEGA, MGB Advisors Private Limited was entrusted with this task.

At the inaugural edition of LFEGA, in 2017, best fine dining restaurants from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru were identified and recognised as the winners. In the second edition of the awards in 2018, this list was expanded to include more cities and add more names from the evolving premium dining segment of India. These additional cities included Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa and Jaipur, who were competing across diversified food categories. LFEGA 2018 went on to recognise the best homegrown alcohol brands, the most influential food Instagrammers as well as talented celebrity chefs such as Ranveer Brar, Maria Goretti, Kunal Kapur, Ajay Chopra and more.

LFEGA 2019 continues to up hold the distinction of celebrating the best in Taste, Innovation and People behind our vibrant culinary language. For the third year in a row, award-winning and critically acclaimed chef, Manu Chandra has co-curated the entire process of the awards. Staying abreast of the changing face of India’s culinary space, LFEGA 2019 has evolved and added new categories that honour the names that have retained a place for themselves over the years, while recognising the new.

For LFEGA 2019, nominations were divided into 20 categories across three segments:


  • Traditional Indian
  • Progressive Indian
  • Emerging Indian
  • Seafood
  • Chinese
  • Multi-Asian Cuisine 
  • Italian

Apart from the crowd-favourite cuisines, Chinese and Italian, most of the other categories have been restructured. Indian cuisine is no longer limited to the legacy restaurants; there are new and contemporary experiments taking place in kitchens all over the country, successfully bringing together India’s vast culinary heritage into the 21st century. Accordingly, Indian cuisine has been divided into Traditional Indian—recognising the stalwarts of Indian food; Progressive Indian is designated for restaurants who have a very radical approach towards Indian cooking techniques and presentation; and Emerging Indian is for restaurants who are picking up hyper-local and lesser known cuisines of India.


  • Nightlife
  • Best Indian Wine
  • Best Indian Craft Beer
  • New Restaurant of the Year
  • The Oyster Club
  • Most Inclusive F&B Establishment
  • Most Innovative Restaurant Concept
  • Iconic Restaurant

Two new categories that you must watch out for are The Oyster Club and Most Inclusive F&B Establishment. The Oyster Club is a recognition to restaurants and eateries with exceptional food and service offering a unique experience that brings in people from near and far, but have not yet hit the spotlight.

In a world where the need for equality has become the need of the hour, there are F&B institutions that have gone out of their way to create equal employment opportunities in a workforce with different abilities, diverse economic backgrounds, cultures and more. The Most Inclusive F&B Establishment category has been instituted to recognise these institutions.

Going a step further in recognising India’s burgeoning home-grown alcobev industry, this year awards will be given out the best Indian wine and best Indian craft beer.


  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Chef of the Year
  • The Changemaker
  • Food Entertainer 
  • Best Food Instagrammer

Establishing that food can drive change within the society The Changemaker is another new award instituted at LFEGA 2019. It is designated for those individuals and groups who’ve taken up onus of benefiting the environment and society at large, using at food as its core medium.

LFEGA 2019 continues to honour true innovation in India’s food industry and the people who are driving that change, and celebrate the best of food in India! 


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