Why Does Wine Taste Better in Lucaris Glasses

Lucaris, a premium wine-glassware brand, launched a brand new collection for wine lovers to enjoy their drink a little more…

Priyanka Sharma

Drinking wine is an experience and no one knows it better than the premium wine-glassware brand, Lucaris. Apart from the quality, a chic wine glass completes the experience by preserving the aroma and taste. We tell you why the newly-launched Lucaris Desire Collection is a must-have in your next wine soiree.

Unique features…

Lucaris Desire collection has six varying sizes of glasses to serve different wines. We are impressed with their newest feature – Aerlumer. It is a carefully designed feature with graceful, curved lines under the bowl that enhances the wine drinking experience.

These glasses are also known for their world-class quality. They are lead-free and are infused with titanium to make them stronger. So, you can enjoy your glass of wine without any fear of breaking it!

How does Aerlumer work?

Aerlumer, the curving patterns of the lines under the bowl support micro-oxidation, which is a process of steering the wine to expose them to a greater level of oxygen. Micro-oxidation helps to accentuate the flavour, body, as well as the aroma of the wine. Among the six glasses, there are three that have them aesthetically placed for an elegant look while serving the purpose of enhancing the body and aroma of the wine.

Sommeliers experimented with several wines and champagnes until they got the perfect dimensions of Aerlumer, which promises to bring out the best in each wine.

You can buy Lucaris Desire Collection online at Amazon.in, or at retail outlets of Home Stop (Inorbit Mall, Malad) or Home centre (Viviana, Thane or Oberoi, Goregaon), between INR 477 to INR 529 for a glass and INR 2864 to INR 3174 for a set.


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