Why Are Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Chrissy Tiegen and Nigella Lawson Going Bananas?

10 decadent banana recipes for your quarantine sweet fix.

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If you’re a social media user, you’re wondering why everyone’s going


over banana. Most of us have hardly given the humble – and ostensibly, one of the cheapest – fruit much thought, siphoning it off as a post-work energizer or a to-go quick breakfast. But the period of quarantine, brought forth by the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, has helped us all relook at bananas in a new and imaginative light.

The Great Quarantine of 2020 will perhaps always be remembered as a time when the simplest and humblest of our kitchen staples rose to the occasion, be it rice, besan, eggs or bananas. And why wouldn’t it? Isn’t the greatest lesson of quarantine this – Less, truly is more.

Since the


began in India, according to Google Trends searches with the word  “banana” have seen unprecedented traction. This includes banana bread, banana pancakes, banana halva and banana pickles. In fact, banana bread has become something of a star dish in its own right, not just in India, but globally, too, coming a close second to the viral Dalgona coffee.

Both are rocking Instagram and TikTok, as more and more users find ways to interpret and reinterpret these viral recipes. Banana bread has flooded our feeds, making us all salivate at the million indulgent, dense, buttery, gluten-free, vegan, and healthy recipes of the easy bake.

Even Bollywood divas Alia Bhatt and Kriti Sanon have succumbed and tried their hands at the recipe. Sanon whipped up a quinoa oats banana cakecum-bread, while Bhatt experimented with a grain-free paleo banana bread. 


Considering that baking provides respite from anxiety and stress in the form of a happy and productive distraction, it is perfect during these trying times. People are now calling it stress baking, anxiety baking, and procrastibaking. To that end, bananas are perfect, especially while we’re confined at home because they are versatile, cheap, and easily available. However, bananas go from ripe to rotten speedily, and so, banana breads are a clever way of putting them to use. Though of course, you could also experiment with pancakes, cakes, muffins, smoothies and milkshakes.


 Here are 10 recipes to help you #BakeYourMindOffIt:

1. Surprising as it may sound, chef and founder of Le15 Patisserie, Pooja Dhingra, relies on actor and close friend Sonam Kapoor Ahuja for a trustworthy banana bread recipe. The two even had a fun ‘Zoom baking date.’. Check it out here:

2. Model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen’s banana bread may be gaining popularity on the web for all the wrong reasons, since she traded some of it for romaine lettuce over Twitter. But what’s important to note is that it’s got a nod from John Legend.

3. If you’re health-conscious, take a leaf out of  Kourtney Kardashian’s book and give this

gluten-and dairy-free banana bread recipe

a shot.

4. Chef and TV personality Nigella Lawson’s banana bread recipe is a sneaky one with dark rum. It also comes with a chocolatey twist. Try it



5. In addition to being sweet and simple,

Jamie Oliver’s banana bread

also makes use of fresh apple juice for that extra moistness. We are giving it our vote:


6. In case you’d like to skip refined flour, baker, blogger and food consultant Monika Manchandana’s

whole wheat banana bread recipe

is a special find.

7. If you can’t source eggs or want a vegan recipe, then home-baker Shivesh Bhatia’s eggless banana bread could be your game-changer. Check it out



8. Though not technically a bread, this banana blondie, a brownie that uses vanilla instead of cocoa, 

by LF chef Ranveer Brar is another ingenious way of using up leftover bananas:
Why Are Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Chrissy Tiegen and Nigella Lawson Going Bananas?

9. For a banana bread with an indulgent chocolate caramel sauce, see LF chef Vaibhav Mahajan’s recipe: 
Why Are Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Chrissy Tiegen and Nigella Lawson Going Bananas?

10. In case you’re looking for a shortcut to join the banana bread cult, LF chef Gautam Mehrishi’s quick-fix recipe aka French toast is a saviour:
Why Are Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Chrissy Tiegen and Nigella Lawson Going Bananas?


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