What to Order: On your Date Night

These delicious munchies to save you from embarrassing foodie faux pas


In the previous instalment, we got readers to reveal their worst food experiences while on a date. This left many other readers wondering: What should we order for date night special then? It’s important you figure out your date’s dietary preferences and restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, allergies) and pick the right romantic restaurant in the first place because that’s half the battle won for date night special . Here are some dish recommendations for your date night special:

  1. Dumplings: These soft, well-filled doughs are a great single-serve option and are mild as well. Choose the accompanying sauce wisely to avoid any tummy burn. Dumplings are a neat, easy to eat meal option for date night special.
  2. Scallops: You decide to share the appetisers and order separate main courses—fair enough. Bite-sized appetisers in date night special will save you the embarrassment of having to cut and share. When done well, scallops just melt in your mouth and are perfect for date night special.
  3. A steak: It’s sophisticated and you can show off your carving skills. Just make sure you have good control over your fork and knife on your date night special.
  1. Risotto: Rice dishes are generally easier to eat and less messy making them a good option for date night special. Instead of ordering a rice with a different gravy that has a risk of being runny, a risotto is less messy to eat on date night special.
  2. Roast chicken or chicken parmigianio: These classic chicken options are perfect for a date night special, and can be easily paired with any wine.
  3. Salmon: It’s healthy, delicious, classy and filling; but the biggest brownie point is that it’s extremely easy to cut and eat. Just make sure your date is not allergic to seafood before you suggest to go to such a restaurant or order this dish for date night special.

  1. Tapas: Small plates are less bothersome and non-awkward to eat during date night special. You can share these bite-sized nibbles and they aren’t sloppy.
  2. Grilled vegetables: If you are on a diet and the thought of ordering a salad for date night special is boring and risky (if it has spinach or is too crunchy), go for a grilled vegetable dish—it’s healthy and filling.
  3. A pasta: Just because you need to steer clear of stringy, long spaghetti that runs the risk of splatters, doesn’t mean you can’t go down pasta lane for date night special. Pick a non-noodle pasta like penne or rotini and you should be fine.

  1. Baida roti: This delicious envelope of marinated meat (chicken or mutton) with whipped egg in a dough is a full meal in itself. All you have to do is slice it and eat itit’s that simple—no dipping, rolling or any other clumsy action required, saving you the risk of clumsy eating on date night special. Just be careful to avoid the pickled onions that come as an accompaniment.
  2. Fish curry rice: A light, coconut-based fish curry will be mild in terms of spices and not too runny either. It is best paired with steamed rice and the perfect dish for date night special.
  3. Sushi: Yes, we know the king-size tuna roll is cumbersome to eat, but other sushi items are bite-sized and it also gives you a chance to show off your chopstick skills. Now isn't that an idea for date night special.

  1. Avial and appams: Avial has several points in its kitty—it is thick and non-runny, it’s healthy because it’s a mixture of various vegetables, it is seasoned with coconut and curry leaves hence it doesn’t have the over-powering smell or taste of onion and garlic. Pair it with hot appams for your date night special.
  2. Mezze platter: This selection of small dishes is perfect to be shared with your date, and are advantageously bite-sized. Plus, this cuisine is not heavily reliant on onions and garlic so you don’t have to worry about bad breath during your date night special.
  3. Kebab platter with naan/varqui roti: Kebabs are strategically sized to be popped into your mouth and they will just melt. Pair them to with mini naans or varqui roti for their bite-sized advantage. A caveat: Avoid the accompanying onions and since kebabs are charcoal grilled, be sure not to end up with tiny black particles stuck in between your teeth on your date night special.

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