What to Eat According to Your Sun Sign During Navratri

Because, Sabudana khichdi is too plain Jane for a fiery Aries-born


In the auspicious period of Navratri, let the stars determine which Navratri food is most suited to help you fast and please the Goddess:

The ambitious Aries-born is known to have little patience. So, how about making something quick, delicious and healthy for your Navratri food such as this Spicy Fruit Salad

Gourmands to the core, food is one of the greatest joys for a Taurean. Even fasting Navratri food can become a celebration with this heartwarming pumpkin soup.

They like the best of both worlds; think sugar and spice and everything nice. The twins for the win with a chatpata aloo paneer recipe, perfect for Navratri food.

What’s soft on the inside with a tough shell on the outside? The crab that symbolises the zodiac sign Cancer, and these Navratri special mouth-watering ladoos dotted with sesame. This will be your favourite Navratri food!

The blue-blooded natives of this zodiac know how to dine well, whether they are fasting during Navratri or feasting. 

How about this Dahi Aloo food recipe from the royal kitchens of Rajasthan, such as Dahi Aloo

4 Boiled potatoes (small dices)
2 cups Curd 
1 tsp Kuttu ka atta 
1/2 tsp Ginger (chopped) 
2 Mathania dried red chilli 
Sendha namak (rock salt) to taste
Coriander (chopped) for garnish

• Soak and grind chilli with a little water to make a fine paste.
• Take a bowl, mix the kuttu ka atta and 1 tsp of red chilli paste with the curd.
• Strain the mixture through a strainer.
• Heat ghee in a pan.
• Add chopped ginger and potatoes and fry for a minute.
• Add the curd and atta mixture and let it boil.
• Add sendha namak
• Remove from heat.
• Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

Virgos instinctively know that a disciplined and practical approach is the ultimate formula for success. They will make no mistakes with this easy-peasy Navratri food favourite sabudana vada recipe.

Nobody can ace the balancing act as well as Librans. They will master this Navratri food recipe of Tamatar Ki Launji, which is a perfect blend of sweet and savoury, as well as health and taste.

8 medium tomatoes 
2 tbsp Desi ghee 
½ tsp Cumin seed 
1 tsp Red chilli powder 
½ tsp Turmeric powder 
5 tsp Sugar 
Sendha namak (rock salt) to taste
Garnish with chopped green chillies


• Wash and cut tomatoes into wedges. 
• Wash and slit green chillies.
• Heat ghee to a smoking point and add cumin seeds.
• Cumin seeds when added to hot oil turn to a dark color immediately; this releases its flavour instantly.
• Add all the spices, tomatoes, salt and sugar.
• Stir nicely and cook for 3 to 4 minutes on high flame until the tomatoes are slightly tender.
• Do not overcook as the curry may turn into a sauce.
• Garnish with green chillies.

Transformation is the name of the game for a strong-willed Scorpion. Most likely to experiment with activated charcoal, they will think of ways to ‘transform’ an oft-overlooked vegetable into an irresistible dessert. Case in point, is this recipe of lauki ka halwa.

Their inexhaustible energy is contagious and there’s never a dull moment with a Saggi in tow. These globetrotters will be fueled by healthy carbs, thanks to this Navratri food special buckwheat recipe of Singhare ka halwa.

Purposeful and hardworking, a true blue Capri can turn a vrat menu into an exemplary spread of deliciousness. After a long day of Navratri fasting, this unique recipe of Samak Dosa awaits you for your share of Navratri food.

Ingredients for Dosa

1 cup Samak chawal 
3 tbsp Singhara flour 
Sendha namak to taste
Ghee for frying

Ingredients for Stuffing

2 Boiled potato, mashed 
2 tbsp Desi ghee 
Sendha namak to taste
2 whole red chillies 
½ tsp turmeric powder 
1 tsp Cumin seed 
1 tbsp Ginger, chopped 
1 tsp Green chillies, chopped 
1 tbsp Coriander, chopped

• Soak samak rice for 15-20 min. Drain and make a rough batter (not very fine). Now, mix singhara flour to the prepared batter and keep aside for 30 min at room temperature.
• Soak and grind chillies with a little water to make a fine paste.
• Heat ghee in a fry pan, add cumin seed, when it crackles put in the chopped ginger and green chillies.
• Add crushed boiled poatoes and fry nicely. Add turmeric powder, red chilli paste and sendha namak.
• Add chopped coriander. Remove and keep aside.
• Now, heat a non-stick pan. Grease it.
• Pour a ladle full of dosa batter in the center of pan and spread it evenly like a round disc with the help of ladle.
• Drizzle oil and let it cook 
• Put the prepared potato masala in the center of the dosa and flip half and fold the dosa in a half moon shape and serve hot with coconut and peanut chutney.

Imagination rules this sun sign rendering them as creative geniuses. Trust an Aquarian to experiment during Navratri with ingredients and coolly ditch the tried-and-tested. A recipe to make sabudana laddu is sure to tickle these curious cats while planning their Navratri food.

This water sign with a heart as big and deep as the ocean believes that food tastes best when it is shared, even when they are hungry and fasting. Feed your friends, family and neighbourhood during Navratri with Kuttu Ki Puri served with Lauki Ka Saag for the best Navratri food.

Lauki Ka Saag

1 medium bottle gourd (lauki) 
3 tbsp Desi ghee 
2 Green chillies, chopped 
1 tsp Ginger, grated 
1 tsp Cumin seeds 
½ tsp Black pepper powder 
½ tsp Turmeric powder 
Sendha namak (rock salt) to taste
Garnish with chopped Coriander

• In a pressure cooker heat 1 tsp ghee and add cumin seeds.
• Add green chillies, ginger and stir for a few seconds.
• Add turmeric, salt, pepper, garam masala and stir.
• Add Lauki and ½ cup of water, and mix well.
• Put the lid on and cook up to 3 whistles on medium heat.
• Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

Kuttu Ki Puri

200 gm Kuttu atta (buckwheat flour) 
2 boiled potatoes, mashed 
Sendha namak (rock salt) for taste
Desi ghee for frying


• Sieve the flour in a bowl with the help of a flour sieve.
• Add boiled mashed potato and salt and mix it together.
• Make soft dough; keep aside for 30 minutes to rest the dough.
• Roll small balls from the dough and flatten it in a round shape.
• Deep fry the poori in hot ghee and serve hot.

PS: Please note that the salt used for fasting recipes is sendha namak or rocksalt.
Recipes Courtesy: The Leela Ambience, Delhi

Featured Image: Shutterstock.com
Images courtesy: The Leela Ambience, Delhi


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