What Not to Order on your First Date

Readers tell us about their worst food experiences on a date


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably planning an intimate date night special dinner for two. We know that first dates can be awkward, so LivingFoodz.com readers spill the beans (trust us, you don’t want to be spilling or ordering beans when you’re on a date) about their most awkward dinner date experience at restaurants. Take notes, people.

“Chicken wings and barbequed pork ribs are a big no-no”


I am a non-vegetarian and can’t say no to a plate of juicy pork ribs or chicken wings. It’s usually a staple for me when I am eating out with friends and family. But, I once ordered that on a date and it was a messy affair, with sauce dripping till my elbows. My date looked at me weirdly throughout dinner. Although I had excused myself to the washroom and washed my hands, she refused to hold my hand later on in the night when we were leaving the restaurant. Safe to say there was no second date. So make sure these don't make it to your date night special menu.
- Sameer Panchal, IT professional, Bangalore

“Order spaghetti bolognese only if you like splitter-splatter”


He took me to an Italian restaurant because he asked my friend for date night special ideas and she revealed that Italian is my favourite cuisine. So we called for some nice wine, he ordered a pasta and I a plate of spaghetti and meat balls—very Lady And The Tramp-like, I thought. But wrong. The long noodles turned out to be cumbersome to eat for date night special. All that slurping and chewing ate into our conversation time and I also ended up with a few red sauce stains on my blouse. Not the ideal date night special, I must say.
-Mayuri Jain, architect, Kolkata

“I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered that bean salad”
Yes, it sounds stupid, I know. But I was on a diet and I ordered a salad on one such date. All that chewing made my jaws hurt, and to make things worse, the salad was loaded with lots of beans. After I munched my way through dinner and was about to order dessert, I started feeling queasy. Then, I excused myself to the bathroom, and with all that flatulence, I took a while in there. I came back to the table to find that my date had polished off my caramel custard. But I hadn’t learned my lesson yet, clearly. On a different date, I ordered a burrito. Simple enough I thought. But all those lentils and beans caused an upset stomach. Safe to say, beans are not the best choice for date night special.
-Sonal Salvi, gym trainer, Hyderabad

“Spicy food will lead to a lot of waterworks”


I had been courting a friend of a friend for a while now and we finally went out for dinner to an Indian restaurant for date night special. I was curious and was probably trying to show off a bit so I ordered their fiery chilli cocktail. One sip and I broke into a sweat and my eyes began to water. I faked that I had been unwell for the past few days and hence this condition, but she saw right through it. The heavy Indian food that we went on to order didn’t help my cause, and I was sweating profusely throughout dinner, and my napkin became a sweat rag. Now you to know what to keep out of your date night special.
-Vikas Shetty, media professional, Mumbai

“Burgers left crumbs and sauce on my beard and patty on her lap”
We were still in college and on limited pocket money, so we went to a fast food joint for our date night special, even though she wasn’t too keen on eating a burger. But I convinced her. I was famished so I ordered a double-patty burger with extra sauces and meats for both of us (Another tip: never order for your date). The patty slipped out a few times for the both us, and while I managed to finish it with just a little damage to my beard (I am sure it wasn’t pretty to watch). Unfortunately, the burger was too big to fit into her mouth and after many slips onto the plate, it eventually tumbled onto her lap, leaving a stain on her kurta. Not the best sights for date night special.

- Joel D’Cunha, advertising professional, Mumbai

“Nothing that will leave you with bad breath or stained teeth”


Onion and garlic—your worst enemies during date night special. I ordered garlic bread with extra cheese and onion during a date and it left me with bad breath for the rest of the night. On another occasion, I ordered a leafy salad and yes, some spinach got stuck between my teeth—I am sure it wasn’t a pretty sight for date night special. He didn’t even tell me, I only found out once I reached home. Luckily, he thought I was funny and we went on a few more dates after that.
-Prashansa Panda, public relations professional, Delhi

“Shellfish because it’s cumbersome to eat”

A restaurant that was renowned for seafood—that’s where we went for date night special. And what were the day’s specials, we asked. Crabs, of course. So we went ahead and ordered their signature Crab Masala. Though it came with a crab cracker, it was awkward to eat for date night special and we ended up with dirty hands. There was nothing romantic about that evening.

-Piyali Sarkar, marketing professional, Kolkata

Look out for our story on What to order when you’re on a date. Watch this space!

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