What ‘Khana’ Does Rahul Khanna Eat?

Rahul Khanna’s Instagram is proof that he’s the ultimate foodie.

Annabelle D’Costa

We may not see him on the big screen anymore (it’s a pity), but Rahul Khanna is a living example of ‘ageing fine like wine.’  He’s a master at taking selfies and not to forget his acerbic sense of humour, as his Instagram timeline will prove. After hours of scrolling, it’s easy to conclude that Khanna is a big proponent of healthy food and a fit lifestyle! While he does take his love for food seriously, there are days when he does treat himself to something deliciously amazing. Here are some of our favourite posts: 

Known for disappointing meals, it is not an everyday sight that one gets pampered with a scrumptious meal while up in the air. But here we have ‘How to make boring airline food look delicious 101’ by Khanna.

Captioned smartly “Soft Boiled Saturday”, Khanna shows us how health food need not be un-interesting. The beautifully-laid table where the food add colour to the image is not only a treat to the eyes but also the soul. Wait, are we the only ones who can smell the coffee?

“Found love on a room service trolley”. Not only is this image a picture of health on a plate, but it’s also so therapeutic to the eyes. Don’t blame us if this makes you want to run into the kitchen to fix yourself a healthy salad.

Eggs for the win! Not only do they make for a wholesome breakfast option but also an “egg-cellent start to the day”. Paired with rice-flour rotis, Khanna shows us how we could be substituting our toasts with something healthy (and also gluten-free).

“Am I the only one who goes to sleep dreaming about tomorrow’s breakfast?” No Rahul, you’re not the only one. Breakfasts such as these are the only things that make mornings worth waking up for.

Trust Khanna when it comes to making even a simple looking meal look fancy and oh-so-tempting!

We knew steaming is a healthy cooking technique but who knew steamed food could look so pretty? Made in a traditional Chinese bamboo steamer, the simple filet of fish and beans look so alluring!

Olives, cheese, crackers, hummus, pepperoni—that’s quite a spread! With an assortment of Italian and Middle Eastern must-haves laid out so beautifully, who would dare pass on them?

This “gluten-free yet galangal-ful” meal is just what you need if you dream of abs like Khanna. Galangal is also known as Thai ginger or Siamese ginger and is much stronger with a hint of citrus than the normal ginger.

This Gujarati thali is every vegetarian’s dream come true! With so many different items to choose from, this thali is a gastronomical adventure.

He calls it a “Svengali thali”, we call it a wholesome nourishing and yummy home-cooked meal.

CONCLUSION: Rahul Khanna, like us, loves his breakfasts, avocados and eggs.

Banner image: Instagram/Rahul Khanna


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