What Does the World’s Oldest Living Person Eat?

Emma Morano is the only living person who was alive in the 1800s. Find out about her life and diet in particular here.

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You may not know Emma Morano is but this unassuming woman has an unique record to her name. Morano recently celebrated her 117th birthday and became the world’s oldest living person. Born on November 29 in 1899 in Italy’s Piedmont region, Morano comes from a time before any of the World Wars happened and survived the Cold War and global recession among other significant events of the 20th century.

More than anything else, Morano has be credited for her unique approach to food. You might think that at her age, she would be careful with her diet – only to gape open-mouthed at her food habits. Morano survives on three eggs a day, two of which she eats raw. It’s a habit she’s been following for the past 90 years! She sometimes cheats on her egg diet with a few cookies.

The oldest of eight siblings, Morano is the last living person born before 1900 still alive. She has survived an abusive marriage, lost her only son and her unusual diet. Morano began her diet at a young age after being diagnosed with anaemia after World War I. Her doctor is at a loss to explain her longevity adding that she has cut down her eggs to just two these days and has always eaten very few fruits and vegetables.

Morano’s diet is not the stuff old age longevity is about, she her unusual food habit is certainly something worth noting. After all, not all of us will survive for 117 years.


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