Wedding Cakes: Show-stoppers at Indian Weddings

2019 was the year that saw cakes as more a sculpture than sweet treat

Annabelle D’Costa

A towering tiered wedding cake is no longer a staple at a Christian wedding. Wedding cakes have become a mainstay at traditional Indian weddings as well—desi couples can’t not have one.

Exciting times for home bakers and wedding cake designers! The artistry with sugar, flour and butter, is comparable to what fashion designers create with fabric.

The year 2019 saw Indian bakers and cake designers take on cutting-edge techniques, including chandelier cakes, using edible flowers as cake décor and more.

Living Foodz tracks the wedding cake trends that made it big in 2019:

Traditional wedding cakes with an ombre twist

Wedding Cakes from Deliciae' Cakes by Bunty Mahajan
Mumbai-based Bunty Mahajan who runs

Deliciae By Bunty Mahajan

has found that there’s an increasing need for luxury wedding cakes. A wedding cake’s final presentation is key in the luxe factor along with the quality of the ingredients used.

A repeated request Mahajan gets is for “white cakes with a floral vibe”. It’s not all white wedding-themed; both, Le 15 Patisserie & Café and Deliciae have seen an extraordinary spike in requests for ombré cakes this year. Light and pastel colours speckled onto a classic white cake—a perfect way to hold on to the tradition of a show-stopping cake!

Rich and colourful wedding cakes

Cakes from SugarPlum Cakery by Kirti Bhoutika
White and pastels may be evergreen, but darker hues are bleeding their way on a wedding cake. T“Modern cakes are my favourite to work with,” writes MasterChef India Season 5 winner

Kirti Bhoutika

while sharing a picture of a “black ganache covered cake wrapped with grey marble fondant and finished with golden macarons and flowers,” on

SugarPlum Cakery’s

Instagram account. 

(Left to Right: Cake 1  - The Chocolate Factory by Tasneem; Cake 2: Le 15 Patisserie by Pooja Dhingra; Cake 3 - Cocoatease by Mohit Khilnani & Manju Hemrajani)
Would you have ever guessed that this bluish cake by

The Chocolate Factory by Tasneem

is actually moist chocolate with strawberry cheesecake filling on the inside?

We’re also digging at The Zoya Factor actor Sonam Kapoor and husband Anand Ahuja’s wedding cake, which had an earthy, chocolatey vibe around it.  

Edible décor 

While creative alternatives such as crepe stacks, pancake stacks and donut towers have yet become popular in India for wedding cakes. Mahajan informs that couples want to add their own personality to the wedding cake—and it should be all edible. Whether it is a cake topper or gilded fruit with edible gold flake, macarons, edible flowers and also cake poppers are helping add more flavour to the cakes. 

Naked Cakes are in

Pooja Dhingra, Founder and CEO of Le15 Patisserie

 is seeing an increasing demand for naked cakes—characterised by their lack of elaborate frosting or fondant and generally adorned with minimal decorations. “The year 2019 has seen a rise of the naked cake trend,” adds

Deliciae's Bunty Mahajan

Despite not having an icing, these wedding cakes look stunning – t
hey’re the most searched wedding cake trend for 2019, according to the Google Trends report. the trend, however, is not new, naked wedding cakes have been around for a bit longer. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie’s 2010 naked wedding cake was way ahead its time!

It’s Gold’s Time to Shine

Mahajan says that couples are opting for wedding cakes with a gold finish—a trend that will also spill over in to 2020. Be it in the form of leaves, sprays or finishes, the colour gold is definitely making a splash. 

And when Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas decided to bring their fairy-tale wedding to life, gold again saved the day. However, other than gold, metallic cakes in hues of silver, copper and rust are also marking a place for themselves in the wedding cake scene. 

Flower Power 

(Left to Right: Cake 1 - Deliciae by Bunty Mahajan; Cake 2 - Deliciae by Bunty Mahajan; Cake 3 - The Chocolate Factory by Tasneem; Cake 4 - Deliciae by Bunty Mahajan)

Kirti Bhoutika

and her team members at the

SugarPlum Cakery

surely had a the painstaking task of adorning one of their client’s wedding cake with “about 100 flower carnations”. 

Deliciae's Bunty Mahajan

too has been seeing an increasing demand for either floral cakes or cakes with floral designs and sees this trend going strong in the year 2020 as well. A quick scroll through The Chocolate factory by Tasneem's Instagram feed will also confirm that 'flower power' is the wedding cake trend to go.

The attraction of having vibrant blooms perched on wedding cakes will never be going out of fashion, agree most bakers in the country. Be it flower accents, gum paste flowers, fresh flowers or even incredibly crafted silk or edible ones, the floral trend is hands down one of the most elegant and classiest wedding cake trends. 

Experiments with flavour

When she first started her business, Dhingra says that customers played it safe when it came to wedding cake flavours. But over the years, brides and grooms are open to experiments. “People are moving away from traditional flavours such as plum and going for flavours such as chocolate, red velvet, caramel and coconut for their wedding cakes.” 

For cake artist Tasneem Shah of

The Chocolate Factory by Tasneem

, one of her most recent wedding cake was a “white chocolate sponge with mixed berries compote and white chocolate ganache; and a coffee-flavoured sponge with cherry compote and dark chocolate ganache, on alternate tiers.”

Larger than life wedding cakes

Wedding cakes of today have become towering masterpieces of art and architecture. When The Big Bang Theory actor Kaley Cuoco tied the knot with Ryan Sweeting in 2014, the couple’s New Year nuptials featured an astounding seven-layer chandelier cake, one that literally hung upside down from the ceiling, and was decorated with a crystal candelabra. The chandelier wedding cake trend continues to be strong.

On the other hand, while Queen Victoria, queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is credited for introducing the tiered wedding cake back in the 1840s. Two centuries later, we are still rooting for tiers. Remind us to already get over Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ 18-feet tall wedding cake, which had to be cut using a sword for their white wedding in 2018! 

A Lacey Affair

Be it replicating a pattern from the bride’s dress, or fondant lace appliques or simply making the most of the on-trend texture of the edible variety, Mahajan is all into the dainty lace on wedding cakes. For actors Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s #MonkeyWedding in 2016,

Deliciae Cakes

went with the traditional white on white look, making it royal with a pearl finishing. The bright white lacework certainly did stand out! Taking their cake as inspiration, many couples have since then been requesting lace cake designs. Lace colours other than pastel shades as well as stencilled designs especially for wedding functions such as the
Mehendi are catching the eye.  

Not without cake toppers

Cake toppers came into vogue in the early 1950s and since then have been enjoying their moment. From toppers representing the couple, either physically or through personality traits, to hand-drawn monograms highlighting the couple initials, cake toppers are the best and subtlest way desi couples are choosing to add a little personal touch to their wedding cakes. “The couple's initials make for common wedding cake topper option,” shares Mahajan. Be it a hand-drawn monogram, a bevelled gold or silver sugar plaque or a modern patterned monogram, it is customisation at its best.

Lead Image: Shutte


Inside images: Instagram  


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