We Got You the Best Tips From Jacqueline Fernandez's Detox Diet to Prep for the New Year

The Bollywood star is making all the right moves for a healthy New Year!

Shraddha Varma

She’s one of the fittest stars in Bollywood today and when Jacqueline Fernandez decides to share her healthy diet secrets, everyone listens! The Race 3 star has been influential in promoting healthy eating and a disciplined workout regime through social media activities, so when she announced a plan for a week-long detox diet ahead of New Year, we decided to take notes. Jacqueline’s followers on social media know that the advice she shares is tried and tested by her, so you can go right ahead and make some healthy changes to your lifestyle. 

This time, Jacqueline used Instagram to share her diet ideas for the week—from home-cooked meals to snacks—so she can make an awesome entry into the New Year. 

Power-packed Potions

Jacqueline begins her mornings with a shot of apple cider vinegar mixed with little turmeric powder. She says that although it gets no marks for taste, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is claimed to be great for the skin. According to the book Apple Cider Vinegar by Kelsey Gannon, ACV clears skin pores and may help cure acne and pimples and the beta-carotene present in it can lend you a beautiful glow. If not ACV, she drinks turmeric or ginger shots. During the day, Jacqueline picks a green juice that contains spirulina, kiwi, kale, cucumber, apple, and mint. Apart from providing a shot of essential nutrients, green juices are known to energise and hydrate the body, which is essential for a cleanse. Read more about vegetable juices here

While giving us a sneak peek into the contents of her refrigerator, Jacqueline revealed that she stocks up on orange juice, charcoal lemonade, and turmeric shots. “Staying hydrated is very important to me and hence, you’ll always find these in my fridge,” said the actor.

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Pile on the Veggies

During her detox week, Jacqueline plans to pile her plate with veggies. On the Instagram Live, the actor rustled up a vegetable stir fry with broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, and boiled sweet potato. She tossed them in coconut oil, seasoned with sea salt, and finished the dish with some flax seeds. Apart from this, she prepared a salad with cucumber, sweet potato, spinach, and beetroot.

Greens and veggies are a must-have in every meal and provide the essential minerals, vitamins and fibre that make a wholesome meal. Beetroots are a great source of vitamins B3, B6, and C, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron. The nutrients and minerals in this vegetable assist our liver and gallbladder to break down toxins and its fibre aids in digestion. 

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In addition to the vegetables, Jacqueline has included quinoa and some vegetable soup in her diet. Quinoa contains high amounts of proteins, fibre, iron, and anti-oxidants. Fibre found in veggies and grains keeps you feeling full longer, thus cutting down cravings for sweet and salty foods in between meals. High-fibre foods like whole grains, quinoa and millets help in the slow release of sugar in the bloodstream, thus maintaining your glycemic index, making it the ideal food for diabetics. 

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Fruit platter to cut cravings

Jacqueline manages her food cravings between meals by snacking on fresh fruits such as blueberries, papaya, and grapefruit. Fruits contain phytonutrients which have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Grapefruit has vitamin C, lycopene and vitamin A.

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