Viral Baby Shows Right Way To Relish Whipped Cream

This viral video of a toddler tasting whipped cream will put your mid-week blues to rest

Henna Achhpal

Our mid-week blues were put to rest when a viral video of a toddler tasting whipped cream for the first time landed on our Facebook feed.

Taking time to acquaint herself with the cream's texture at first, when the little one realises that the cream is equally friendly to her taste buds -- the duration for whipped cream to get from hand to mouth gets shorter with each taste. She has devoured it all in no time. And then she is presented with some more. Her wide-eyed toothy grin seems to say "WOW MOAAR" and melts even the grumpiest person's heart. Without a care in the world, the munchkin gets busy gulping down handfuls of cream and the heartwarming performance ends with a self-congratulatory applause.

If there was ever a 'right way' to eat whipped cream, it should probably be this!

A little snooping around, and soon we were introduced to Baby Emmy aka Emersyn Faith, a child living with Down Syndrome. The video was originally posted to the YouTube channel Bringing Up Emmy, run by Emmy's mother in a bid to raise awareness on Down Syndrome, and was a follow up to the first video that went viral.

The channel features several videos from Baby Emmy's everyday life. When her mother found out that the internet had caught a fancy to Baby Emmy's adorable love for whipped cream, she followed it up with a few more.


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