Up Your Cocktail Game with These Unusual Drinks

Wow your friends with these concoctions at your next house party

Annabelle D’Costa

It's a lazy weekend afternoon and you reach out for that tall glass of martini, yet again. Eh! You’ve probably treated your taste buds to the usual variety of cocktail drinks made with common ingredients, paired with familiar flavours so often that the buzz has turned into a bore.

So, instead of mixing your usual cocktail drink once again, why not give these unusual party drinks a chance? Some of these party drinks may sound appetizing, while others, umm… will definitely leave you feeling high. We almost forgot to mention  -- experimenting with these cocktail drinks is the perfect reason to throw that long-pending house party. Cheers, adventurer!

Pepper Well

Up Your Cocktail Game with These Unusual Drinks

Bell peppers in a drink may make you go ‘whaaaaat’ but, trust us, this cocktail drink hits all the right spots. The tanginess of the orange and lime juice perfectly balances the spiciness of the bell peppers. So get sippin’!


Ice cream in a party drink? Don’t be surprised. Every chocolate lover’s dream come true, this makes for a frosty, party-worthy drink!

Dragon Dose

Up Your Cocktail Game with These Unusual Drinks

With a high dose of vitamin C, this party drink works well especially for the health-conscious. Get your happy high with this refreshing cocktail drink that combines the goodness of dragon fruit with vodka.

Vanilla Blend

You’ll forget your boring milkshakes after sipping on this boozy drink. This refreshing party drink with vanilla ice cream and blue curacao will help you beat the blues in style!

Chocolate Express

Up Your Cocktail Game with These Unusual Drinks

This whiskey-based cocktail drink combined with chocolate ice-cream and espresso should definitely be on your must-try party drinks list.

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