Unique Diwali Sweets Recipes For Your Sweet Tooth

Selection of some famous Indian sweet dishes and bringing them all together at one place for you, This blog is all about Diwali famous sweets that are must try recipes for every sweet tooth


No celebration in India is complete without sweets like laddu, barfi, etc. Desserts are the must during each Indian festivities. They add much more joy to the festive spirit. Festivals have walked in, and we are now up for the Diwali celebration. Just like the colourful rangolis that decorate the passages of our houses, there is nothing really like a dining table adorned with a wide range of Diwali sweets. We are here for you with some simple Diwali recipes.

Typically, desserts such as Besan Laddus and Kheer are prepared using gram flour and rice and served. With a little nip in the air, people manage to get lured towards the crisp, sugary and hot choices. We've got you a mix of new, old, and regional sweets such as Barfi, laddu, halwa, etc. which everyone would love.

Here Living Foodz has a delicious list of 4 Best Diwali Sweets which you could make and enjoy at home: 1. Badaam Barfis and Halwa: With the similar components, you could choose to prepare 2 desserts. Filled with khoya, milk, poppy seeds and almonds. You can relish the warmness of the halwa or have as barfis garnished with silver leaves. 2. Shahi Tukda: This has been everyone’s choice since olden times and is very simple to prepare. Slices of bread are fried, soaked into milk and garnished with nuts. 3. Mohanthal: Mohanthal is a fudge-like dessert prepared with gram flour. Mohanthal is very famous in Gujarat and Rajasthan, especially during festival times. 4. Coconut Til Laddus: A 3-ingredient sweet which is made using sesame seeds, dates and coconut. The sweet laddus are so delicious that you won’t wait for anybody and just finish eating it. Yes, Laddus are everyone’s bae.

5. Rava Kheer: Step away from the regular sweets with this creamy concoction of dry fruits, semolina (sooji) and milk.


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