Under SGD20: 5 Pocket-Friendly Dine-outs for a Vegetarian in Singapore

We know it's difficult to be a vegetarian traveller. The options are limited and sometimes expensive. Here's our guide to budget, vegetarian dining in Singapore.


That scary dream of being passed off a non-vegetarian dish (or sauce, stock or garnish) in the name of veg, keeps a vegetarian like me on her toes when travelling in a South East Asian country. Trust me, I can ALWAYS sniff out a potential threats to my taste-buds. “Not even a sprinkling of shrimp powder?” No! “It’s only fish sauce” YIKES! So on a recent visit to Singapore, I decided to settle the issue once and for all. The challenge, finding good vegetarian fare, under 20 SGD.

1. Bao Today
Orchard is a shopping hub, you have streets lined with shops and some of the largest stores in Singapore. The cherry on top was the delicious aroma of food that pulled me in different directions. I always wanted to try an authentic bao, not the Indian version of the same. Bao Today, right outside Somerset MRT looked delicious and I went right in. For 4 SGD, these steamy wonders are totally worth it.

What: Wang Chao Sesame Skin Bao. Delightfully sweet bao, filled with a black sesame paste inside.

Where: Near Somerset MRT Station, Orchard.

2. Café Salivation

The discovery of this vegetarian cum partially vegan restaurant was due to my husband’s sudden bout of allergic reactions to milk products and we just HAD to eat dinner that was 100% vegan.

What: The chain of restaurants run by Raj Hospitality. The Wild Rice with grilled vegetables is delicious. Also try their Hummus with Pita Bread, Quinoa Spinach Salad, Buckwheat Pasta with Caramelized Onions & Edamame and the Soya Bun.

Where: Race Course Road.

Cheap Vegetarian places in Singapore - NUS Food Court

Kueh Pie Tee at NUS Food Court

3. Kent Ridge MRT Food Court (NUS)

This discovery was prompted by a sudden hunger pang after I’d been walking around all morning. The NUS food court in Kent Ridge MRT station was surprisingly inexpensive, tasty and enriched with local flavors. My entire bill after polishing off four dishes was barely 16 SGD.

Cheap Vegetarian places in Singapore - NUS Food Court

Popiah at NUS Food Court

What: The vegetarian Kueh Pie Tee and Popiah. Kueh Pie Tee is made out of stuffed thin puff pastry shells filled with roasted peanuts, yam bean, french bean, carrots and seasoned with a sweet-tangy dressing. Popiah is like a Malaysian spring roll, stuffed with tofu, miso sauce, sugar, bean sprouts, garlic, kosher salt, yam bean and unsalted peanuts.

Where: NUS Food Court @ Kent Ridge MRT station.

4. Anjappar- Chettinad Restaurant

When two Indian foodies are let loose on the streets of Little India in Singapore, it gets more difficult to zero in on a particular place to eat, that was Indian, vegetarian, yet refreshingly new to the palate. Anjappar is a popular chain in South India, and has now opened a branch in Singapore. Rest assured, it will be one of your best meals in Singapore. For 19SGD a thali, it is a steal!

Cheap Vegetarian places in Singapore - Little India

The South Indian Chettinad Thali at Little India

What: The set vegetarian meal is the MUST HAVE for every vegan. Being a huge fan of South Indian Chettinad cuisine, the rice, rasam, poppadum, dal kheer, chettinad gravy specials of the day and dry potato subzi, just made me salivate even before the food came in. Every bite of it was wiped off, including the deliciously different crispy parathas.

Where: Little India, Opposite Mustafa Shopping Center.

5. The Soup Spoon

This is every Soup and Salad lover’s darlin’. The Soup Spoon has a fresh menu every day, with new items and combos for a healthy heart and satisfied tummy. Do not forget to try the Souper Bowl Value combo, it gives you options between the quantity of soup, a salad and bread on the side, which is very filling. I had to shell out 9 SGD for a combo of two deliciously filling soups, and I’m going back!

Cheap Vegetarian places in Singapore - The Soup Spoon

Roasted Pumpkin Soup and Tomato Macaroni Soup

What: We loved the Roasted Pumkin Soup and Tomato Macaroni Soup.

Where: 28 locations across Singapore.


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