Turn Leftover Chilli Chicken Into Kid-Friendly Tiffin Meals

Make the most of the extra chilli chicken by turning into a new dish

Priya Prakasan

Chilli chicken is one of the best options for a non veg starter when you're hosting a party at home. The chilli chicken recipe is easy to make as it doesn't demand too much of your time and doesn't involve too many ingredients either. What’s more, there are several vegetarian alternatives to chilli chicken too!

After the party, if you're left with extra chilli chicken, fret not. Instead of letting your leftover chilli chicken sit at the back of your refrigerator, with just a little creativity you can turn the leftover chilli chicken into an entirely new dish! These easy recipe ideas will help you turn your favourite desi Chinese food into a quick meal. You can even make simple kid-friendly meals with the leftover chilli chicken and pack them in your kid's school tiffin for a tummy filling meal.

Chilli Chicken Sandwich 

Looking for a quick sandwich idea? You can easily fix a yummy chilli chicken sandwich with the leftover chilli chicken. Grab two slices of whole wheat bread and smear some salted butter on one side of both the slices. Place a spoonful of chilli chicken on one slice, top it with some shredded cheese and place the other slice on top. Make multiple sandwiches and slightly toast them. Cut them diagonally and serve with a dollop of ketchup or mayonnaise

Chilli Chicken Wrap 

If your kids love to munch on homemade wraps, how about rolling the leftover chilli chicken into a delicious wrap? Making a chilli chicken wrap is very simple. All you have to do is roll out thin tortillas with refined flour dough and cook them on a pan without any oil. Mince the chicken pieces from the leftover chilli chicken and place them on it, roll it like a tortilla and serve hot with freshly made yogurt dip or with some mint chutney. 

Chilli Chicken with Wheat Noodles 

Kids love noodles because they are so much fun to eat. So, another way to use your leftover chilli chicken is to add it to some homemade wheat or atta noodles. Since the chilli chicken is already coated with a spicy soy-based gravy, you will not have to prepare a fresh batch of sauce for the noodles. Simply make a huge pot of wheat noodles, toss the chilli chicken in the noodles, mix well and serve hot. This kid-friendly dish will not only be tasty but healthy and filling as well. 

Chilli Chicken Pizza Topping 

Good old pizza toppings are the easiest way to use up most of your leftover dishes. With chilli chicken, you can introduce Asian flavours in to your pizza. Try to bake a homemade pizza from scratch by making the base and then spreading homestyle pizza sauce on it. Use the leftover chilli chicken as toppings along with a handful of chopped bell peppers, onions and olives. Top this with a generous layer of grated cheese and bake your pizza. Sprinkle some oregano and then serve your chilli chicken pizza with some olive oil dipping sauce.

Chilli Chicken Pasta 

If you are a parent to a picky eater, you will know how difficult it is to keep up with their taste buds. Pasta is usually something kids gobble up with delight. With leftover chilli chicken you are in luck as you can easily turn it into a healthy treat by adding a bunch of fresh veggies, olive oil and tomato sauce. Instead of refined flour pasta, opt for one that is made with whole wheat or the multigrain variety. Cook it just the way you like it with veggies and tomato sauce or cheese sauce and then add your leftover pieces of chilli chicken into it. Serve with a generous portion of grated cheese.

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