Try these Raita Recipes with Biryanis and Parathas

Learn how to make this Indian savoury curd bowl

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India and its hearty, spicy curries are inseparable. Hence, a refresher to tackle all the heat is necessary. Of all the ingredients and dishes available to do so, raita (a popular side dish) proves to be the best. It is a side dish, which is typically made using curd plus a vegetable or spice of your choice. The raita recipe is all about a balance of flavours – sweet, savoury, and spicy – and a variety of textures. Almost every region in India has its own version of raita recipe, thanks to the different set of spices and vegetables available locally, and an array of accompaniments to go with it. Some of the popular varieties of raita recipes are okra raita, tomato-onion-green chilli raita, beetroot raita and guava raita. On special occasions, the raita recipe also includes droplet-like, crispy chickpea flour balls called boondi.

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How to make boondi at home

Talk about versatile side dishes and the
boondi raita is one of the top few that come to our minds. You can stick to the classic boondi raita recipe or accentuate the flavour and texture of the dish with fruits or vegetables such as cucumbers, apples and pomegranate seeds. Now, if all that raita talk has got you hungry, here’s a quick and easy boondi raita recipe for you to make.

Boondi Raita Recipe


1 cup curd
½ cup salted boondi
¼ tsp red chilli powder
¼ tsp roasted jeera powder (cumin powder)
¼ tsp black pepper powder
Black salt, as per taste
Salt, as per taste
Coriander leaves (for garnish)

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make this raita recipe:
1. In a mixing bowl, add a cup of curd and blend it to semi-liquid consistency.
2. Now, add black salt, jeera powder, salt, black pepper powder and red chilli powder to the curd and mix well.
3. If you would like the boondi in the raita to be crunchy, add the boondi into the curd and spice mixture a few minutes before eating/serving. Or else soak the boondi in water before hand, squeeze and add to the mixture.
4. Garnish the boondi raita with some freshly-chopped coriander leaves.

To Make Vegetable Raita

You can transform the above raita recipe into a vegetable raita recipe by adding some finely chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onions and coriander leaves instead of boondi. This side dish is best accompanied with rice dishes such as pulao and biryani. Do try the raita recipes and let us know how they turned out in the comments section below.


Once your raita recipe is ready, serve it with some piping hot parathas, butter garlic naan, or a bowl of vegetable or meat pulao. And, in case, these accompaniment ideas don’t interest you enough, you can enjoy it with these dishes prepared by LF chefs. 

Kathal ki Biryani
It may seem unusual, but kathal (jackfruit) ki biryani is a scrumptious rice dish. Think tender raw jackfruit pieces marinated in biryani spices, layered with mildly-spiced basmati rice and a bowl of chilled vegetable raita to add that much-needed balance of flavours. For meat eaters who’ve recently turned vegetarian, this is a great substitute for chicken biryani/mutton biryani.
Try these Raita Recipes with Biryanis and Parathas

Pronounced ba-boor-tea, this is the national dish of South Africa. It is a mixture of curried minced meat, dry fruits, root vegetables, lentils and apples with a creamy golden topping. Chef Ranveer Brar serves the bobotie with raita, some kachumber salad and yellow rice. What’s interesting is that the raita recipe here is not your usual veggie or boondi raita but, a delicious banana raita.
Try these Raita Recipes with Biryanis and Parathas

Akki Roti

Have you tried chef Vaibhav Mahajan’s masala-filled, crunchy akki rotis? These make for a yummy and healthy breakfast. The LF expert serves this dish with some homemade pickle and coriander raita. 
Try these Raita Recipes with Biryanis and Parathas

Rajma Kibbeh

A Middle-eastern dish, kibbeh is usually made with cracked wheat, onions, spices, and stuffed with meat. But chef Brar gives it a twist by replacing wheat with rajma (kidney beans) and meat with spring onions. To complement the flavours of the kibbeh, he prepares a simple cucumber and dill raita recipe.
Try these Raita Recipes with Biryanis and Parathas

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