Try These Mango Special Menus in Mumbai

Tis the season to binge on mangoes!


With summers comes the season of mango, the king of fruits and hearts. And, every restaurant is trying something new to tantalize the taste buds of the mass with the juicy pulp of this most-loved fruit. And, we don’t want you to miss this experience!

Here is the list of places and their special menu with mango for the mango season.

Mango and Whisky

With Shiro celebrating Thai Flavors 2017, this is your chance not to miss the mango special on their menu. The popular Asian restaurant is offering Mango and Thai Chilli Whiskey Sour, a Thai red chilli infused in whiskey, shaken with mango nectar (an in-house sweet and sour mix), for mango-lovers. We’ll bet you’ll want to try more than one of them.

Where: Shiro, Worli
What: Mango and Thai Chilli Whiskey sour (INR 625)

The Full Mango Monty

Chocolate goes with literally everything! And it tastes even better when served with mango. Try deep-fried samosas, filled with melted chocolate with rich mango ice cream by the side. Yum!

Where: Genuine Broaster Chicken, Bandra
What: Chocolate Samosa with Mango ice cream (INR 159)

Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice Cream
Image courtesy: Genuine Broaster Chicken, Bandra

Mango Main Course

Welcome summers with the mango special menu of AKA Bistro. The menu has everything from starters to desserts, marinated with the rich flavours of mango to create some of the most innovative dishes. Do not forget to slurp on the mango chilli popsicles!

Where: AKA Bistro, Kalaghoda
What: Mango Salad with Quinoa (INR 290), Raw Mango and Green Pea Pate Bruschetta (INR 250), Mango Quesadilla (INR 370), Grilled Chicken Breast with Mango Butter (INR 450), Mango Tart (INR 300), Mango Aioli Prawns (INR 400) and Mango Chilli popsicle (INR 80)

Mangoes and Coffee

Coffee and mango? We know what you’re thinking but hear us out. Coffee by Di Bella, a popular place among the coffee-lovers, will soon be in the next-destination list of mango-lovers. All thanks to its special mango menu, which has whole lot of things from waffles to cream and shakes with the richness of mango.

Where: Coffee By Di Bella, multiple locations
What: Mango Nutella Waffles (INR 350), Mango with Cream (INR 300), Fresh Mango Shake (INR 250) and Mango Chocolate Explosion Shake (INR 275)

Mango in Many Ways

How do you like your mango, in a martini or in cheesecake? Let it be anything, Gustoso has it all for you. Relish the lip-smacking Italian food along with the mango specials, this summer. Feast on them before the mango season ends!

Where: Gustoso, multiple locations
What: Fresh Mango Martini (INR 650), Fresh Mango Mousse (INR 395), Pannacotta with Fresh Mango Compote (INR 350) and Mango Cheesecake (INR 495)

Mango and Coconut Iced Truffle
Image courtesy: Hakkasan

Lamb with Mango Twist

In the season of mango, get ready to enjoy lamb with raw mangoes, cooked in a spicy schezwan sauce, garnished with red chilli and sesame.

Where: Yauatcha, BKC
What: Crispy Lamb with Raw Mango (INR 595)

Mango Goes Exotic

Want to try an exotic version of mango? Head straight to Hakkasan and indulge in the mango truffle between brandy schnapps, alongside coconut sorbet and vanilla parfait.

Where: Hakkasan, Bandra
What: Mango & Coconut Iced Truffle (INR 350)

Creative by Vartika Pahuja
Images by Gustoso, Shiro, Coffee by Di Bella, AKA Bistro and Genuine Broaster Chicken


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