Trick-or-Treat With these Spooky Treats

From cookies to freak shakes – these devilish desserts are all you need for Halloween!

Annabelle D’Costa

October 31 is fast becoming a day of global festivities with Halloween. Also known as All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween presents the opportunity to indulge in childhood fantasies—fairy tale princes and princesses and comic book heroes to supernatural creatures and historical figures. While the history of the celebrations goes back to Celtic harvest festivities but today it is known for outlandish parties and trick-or-treating.

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If you ask us, the best part about Halloween is being able to gorge on all things sweet. But that giant bowl of treats can seem even scarier especially when you’re trying to stay on a healthy track. However, there are alternatives save you from being haunted by the guilt. Say no to store-bought candy, and instead give your baking skills a Halloween makeover, minus the sugar overdose and artificial food colouring.

Bake some trouble with these finger goodies that are guaranteed to scare and satisfy at the same time. All you’ve got to do is follow your regular cookie recipe, shape them like fingers and bake. For the nails, coat almonds in your favourite liquid—chocolate melts or caramel sauce—and watch your regular cookie dough result into something fun to eat.

These floating ghosts sitting on your cupcakes make for spooky toppers. A little fondant and some creativity will go a long way to make your guests run towards these cute ghosts instead of away from them. Even your little ones won’t be able to pass on these Halloween treats.

Chocolate cookie icing is what you’ll need to transform the
cookies into a frightening yet oh-so-irresistible Halloween dessert. It tastes even better when spiked with cinnamon. Serve alongside some hot chocolate in cute pumpkin mugs for a dash of autumn.

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Frozen bananas, dipped and covered in a topping of your choice—three ingredients and a few minutes are all you need to whip up these easy Halloween treats. What better way to get kids and adults alike to snack on fruits than these adorable treats.

These no-bake cookie eyeballs double up as a Halloween decoration. For a little surprise, you could hide chocolate candies, crushed Oreo biscuits or even marshmallows inside these cookie balls.

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Mix your favourite liquids—maple syrup, caramel sauce, white or dark chocolate melts—into these rice krispies for a crunchy and sticky treat. Let each bite unfold into a little twist by adding small candies into the centre of these rice balls.

Who says Halloween sweets ought to be unhealthy? Transform your regular fruit or vegetable smoothie into a Halloween freak shake by topping it up with some marshmallows and whipped cream.  Decorate your over-the-top glass with some crushed Oreos, pretzels, sugar eye candies for some spooky effect.

For wicked cookie pops, simply coat or dip them in melted white chocolate to make these cute yet addictive snacks. You could replace your ice cream sticks with twigs for a witch-like feel and turn them into quick grab-on-the-go Halloween munchies.

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Take your regular
choco cups a notch up by filling them with some fresh raspberry or strawberry syrup or jam for a ‘bloody’ affair. Totally delicious yet seriously scary.

These little trifle shots are all dressed up for Halloween. Layer rich, gooey and chocolatey brownies, vibrant coloured custard and jelly, and give your trifle a Halloween twist. What’s best, these can be made in advance and saved for times when those sweet cravings kick in.

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