This summer, cool down with these desi drinks


Sattu is a popular cooling drink from the North. Made of roasted gram flour, the drink is also nutritious, high in protein and works wonders for the digestive system. This all-in-one superdrink is somehow still underrated in the rest of the country. However, for the dry and hot summer that Northern states face each year, the only respite comes from having as much Sattu as possible.


Kokum is a popular coolant along the country’s Western coast where the fruit is also called ratambe. A sweet paste is generally added to the fruit’s skin before the concentrate drink is prepared giving kokum its distinctive sweet and tart taste. Kokum is a rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex, fights cholesterol and also aids in weight loss as it is low in calories.

Variyali Sherbet

Fennel seeds - it’s time to turn this after-food mouth freshener into a cooling drink. A popular summer drink in Gujarat, Variyali Sherbet is a light and refreshing drink that is sure to give you the energy required for the rest of the long summer day. It’s dead simple to prepare it too – all you need to do is soak fennel seeds powder and raisins for a few hours, grind and strain them and you’re done.

Aam Panna

You can’t have cooling drinks and exclude Aam Panna. This popular drink made with raw mangoes is known for its distinctive sour taste. Consumed across a wide variety of the country, Aam Panna is beneficial in hydrating the body and treating gastrointestinal diseases as well. Available fresh only during the summer season, this guilt-free coolant is packed with vitamins and other beneficial properties.

Bel Ka Sharbet

Bel leaves are considered sacred in Hinduism since its leaves and fruit are used to worship Lord Shiva. It is also an effective coolant during the summer months when prepared from dried bel fruit. Also called wood apple, elephant apple and monkey fruit, Bel Sherbet is known to fight respiratory problems and diarrhea as it boosts the immune system and purifies blood. 

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