Top 5 Russian Dishes You Definitely Need to Dig Your Teeth Into

Mouth-watering Russian delicacies that can be served at the Russia vs Croatia FIFA World Cup 2018 viewing match

Priya Prakasan

This weekend FIFA Football World Cup 2018 host nation Russia will face Croatia at the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi. So far, the Russian national team has maintained an impressive performance scoring a total of 8 goals in their first 2 matches despite being the lowest-ranked team. This head-to-head match will be interesting to watch given the fact that Russia and Croatia have faced off each other three times in Euro 2008 and for another friendly match in 2015, with Russia never emerging out as the winner. Fans of the Russian team are still riding high on the wave of optimism. So, this weekend get your friends supporting the Russian national football team and throw the perfect outdoor World Cup 2018 viewing party with a range of delicious Russian delicacies.

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is the quintessential Russian dish comprising of sautéed slices of beef served in a mushroom and sour cream sauce. The origin of this popular dish can be traced back to the mid-19th-century in Russia. There are many variations of this dish around the world. Usually, this beef preparation can be plated over a bed of white rice or simply paired with mashed potatoes. In some restaurants, it is also served with egg noodles or pan-fried potatoes. This wholesome and hearty meal is generally part of the main course, and usually served as part of a festive meal.

Chicken Kiev

Who can say no to a chicken fillet cutlet? This chicken dish became one of the most iconic preparations in the 70's and continues to be a popular option for people who love chicken cutlet-style dishes. Chicken Kiev is made with chicken breast, filleted and stuffed with butter and herbs and then coated with eggs and breadcrumbs only to be fried or baked to get a beautiful golden brown crisp crust. Popular as a comfort foods, you can include this in your must-have dishes list from Russia for the FIFA weekend.

Mimosa Salad

A salad invokes images of insipid health food, but a festive Russian mimosa salad is anything but that. Not only does it taste yum, it also looks exquisite, the salad got its name from the mimosa spring flowers. Mimosa salad is a layered salad made with cheese, boiled eggs, canned fish (mostly mackerel, salmon or trout), onion and mayonnaise. It can brighten up your dinner table and also make you reach for a second serving. 


If you love to indulge in buttery crepes for breakfast then blini is the easiest and most delicious crepes that you have to try. It is also a great party dish, depending on the accompaniments that you serve it with; it can be served in both sweet and savoury form. Blini is traditionally made using wheat or yeast-raised buckwheat flour in a cast iron skillet. It is served with sour cream, butter caviar and other garnishing options. You can also serve it with smoked salmon and chopped eggs. It is a versatile dish, often served with fillings as well.


Who does not like to dig into a juicy sheesh kebab? If you are hosting the match viewing in an open space then shashlik has to be on your list of dishes to be served, because no one can miss out on a good piece of barbequed meat! It is a popular skewered meat summer food, prepared over an open fire at parties and social gatherings. This type of sheesh kebab is traditionally prepared with lamb, but people also experiment with variations using pork, chicken and beef, served alongside lightly salted veggies like tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumbers.


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