Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Newest Foodhall in Mumbai

India’s largest gourmet superstore has us excited, you should be too!

Sayoni Bhaduri

It’s been seven years since the first Foodhall opened its doors to gourmands of fine foods in Mumbai. Now with the launch of the four-storey Foodhall, on the bustling Linking Road in the suburb of Santacruz, Future Group has embarked on one of its most ambitious projects. The gourmet superstore is spread across 25,000 sq. ft making Foodhall@Linking Road the largest food store in India.

A one-stop-shop and a premium lifestyle food superstore making everything from daily essentials to exotic foods, fresh and packaged, across international and Indian cuisines easily accessible, the new Foodhall@Linking Road is pushing the envelope and boundaries with new culinary concepts, experiences and collaborations that art at par with global superstore chains.

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While we let you get lost in time amidst the many lanes of indulgence, here are the top five highly-recommended sections at Foodhall@Linking Road that you cannot miss before you checkout:

The Fresh Garden

On the Ground level of the gourmet superstore is a tall wall overflowing with all the possible greens you can imagine—romaine lettuce, Lollo rosso, arugula, basil, parsley, other herbs and more. These edible plants have been grown using Hydroponics method, without any soil but only water and water-soluble nutrients. Some of the sturdier herbs can last for a week or two, and if you take care of them, might give you the opportunity to get two or three harvests. The Fresh Garden is part of Foodhall@Linking Road's fresh fruits and veggies sectionThe Farmer's Marketdesigned to mimic a farm and allowing buyers to choose from freshest possible produce.


Make your way down to the basement level, which also houses the Cafe by Foodhall, a chic 60 seater, if you need a quick, delicious bite to carry on with the exploration. But head directly to the selection of artisanal Italian olive oils are sourced from the regions of Liguria, Puglia, Tuscany, Umbria, Calabria and Sicily. En vogue and considered one of the healthiest oils, the market is flooded with spurious and substandard quality olive oil and confusing labels, making Oliveology section extremely relevant. Learn how to choose a good olive oil and how various regions leave a mark on the flavour profile of the olive oil. There is also antipasti to pick from—olives, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, gherkins and more to complement the oils.

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The Nut Roaster

At a glance it may not come across as deserving a second look; it’s just the same ‘ol dry fruits and nuts that you can get in any other supermarket. But with health-conscious foods gaining momentum, you want to get the best quality of this precious category of foods. They are part of any energy boosting recipe—ancestral or modern—so here is a corner where you can get freshly panned, roasted, and caramelised local and imported nuts. Did we mention they have a machine that churns out fresh peanut butter and almond butter?


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Foodhall Cookery Studio

This cookery studio, on the second level, is one of the biggest highlights of Foodhall@Linking Road. There are regular morning and afternoon sessions that you can enroll in to learn new culinary skills. Fundamentals of cooking such as making pizza and pasta by hand to advance courses in baking and wine appreciationThe Cookery Studio is equipped for it all. In the evening, the studio can be used to host food pop-ups, Chef’s tastings, celebrations and private events—we were told that December is fully booked and includes plenty of birthdays, kitty parties and even bachelorette parties!


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As an ode to the region of Sorrento in Italy, Foodhall@Linking Road has launched their first Italian restaurant. Handmade pasta and pizza, affogato, antipasti, gelato and traditional tiramisu are some signature dishes that are in the offing at the restaurant. Is it playing safe opting for an Italian restaurant? Perhaps. But if the restaurant lives up to the high expectations and dishes out food that will make an Italian nonna proud, we cannot complain.

Images courtesy: Foodhall


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