Tips to Get Your Microwave Squeaky Clean

Quick and easy hacks to clean your microwave

Priya Prakasan

How often do you clean your microwave? All it takes is a tad bit of red sauce or oozing cheese to turn your sparkling white microwave into a nasty mess. Though we all use the microwave for cooking or reheating, this essential kitchen appliance is often overlooked when it comes to regular cleaning. If you are not careful, the smorgasbord of germs lurking inside your microwave can contaminate your next meal and make you sick. Here are some easy tips to get rid of those splatters of food, bad smell and ensure your microwave is clean and germ-free at all times.


Vinegar is a common household item that can be put to use to clean your microwave. Simply add a tablespoon of white vinegar in a bowl and fill half of the bowl with water. Make sure the bowl is microwave-safe. Place it inside the microwave and turn it on for 3 to 5 minutes. The steam build-up on the walls of the microwave will help loosen the oil residue and food splatters. Now, remove the bowl and the turntable tray and wipe the insides with a paper towel. All the gunk will come off easily. Finally, wipe the turntable with the paper towel or wash it like a regular dish.


Lemon is the foolproof natural cleaning ingredient. Using lemon is the best way to ensure that your microwave is clean and smells fresh. Cut a lemon in half and place it on a microwave-friendly plate along with a tablespoon of water. Switch on the microwave for a minute. Then, wipe the inside surface of the microwave and the turntable with a paper towel. Your microwave will not only be clean but the lemon will also deodorise your appliance.

Dish soap and baking soda

Take a microwave-friendly bowl filled with warm water and add just enough amount of liquid dish soap you think should work on the gunk of your microwave and a little bit of baking soda. Place the bowl inside the microwave and turn it on for a minute. Grab a damp sponge, remove the bowl and wipe the interiors of the microwave well.

Window cleaner

Do not use this cleansing agent without diluting. In a bowl, mix two parts of window cleaner with one part of water and dip a sponge in it. Now unplug the appliance and use the diluted solution to work on all the stains. Use it to wipe both the inside (including the vents) and outside. Soak a rag cloth in water and wipe the appliance thoroughly to remove all traces of the cleanser. Leave it to dry and then wipe it down once again with a clean rag.

Wet paper towel

If you don't want all the hassle, here is the ultimate hack to get your microwave cleaned in a jiffy! Simply toss a few soaking wet paper towels inside the microwave and turn it on for up to five minutes. Wait for the paper towel to cool down a bit and then use them to wipe the inside of your machine clean. This is the most time efficient method you can use if you are running out of your common cleansing agents.

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