This Zero Wastage Food Festival Serves Bite-Sized Portions

The good folks at the Itsy Bitsy Food festival will ensure zero food wastage. Find out how…


A food lover who swears by his insatiable taste-buds aims to discover a gastronomical paradise at a food festival. Ideally, each and every food item must be tried and new favourites must be found. But, reality is far from expectation, because no matter how big an appetite it’s almost always impossible to try each and every dish; leaving them hungry for more.

Ronak Rajani who conceptualised the Itsy Bitsy Food Festival understood this dilemma and introduced a brand new way to make the most of such an event. Every stall will offer bite-sized potions enabling you to sample new dishes, cuisines and food brands at your city.

At the heart of the food festival is the zero food wastage campaign which means that all the unsold food is distributed to the underprivileged. They have joined hands with Robin Hood Army, an organisation dedicated to bring excess food from restaurants to the less fortunate. Rajani shared that each food brand was extremely supportive last year to this cause and it is no different this time around.

Given the small portions, the prices have been controlled. You will shell out anywhere between INR 50 - 150 for an item and will perhaps have enough money to pack some food home. There are 25 food stations including two brands that will debut at the festival - The Burgery and YoMitho. The Burgery has listed some offbeat burgers on its menu such as beetroot and carrot, and dabeli burger. YoMitho promises some exciting Nepali dishes, namely Chicken Choila in a Buckwheat pocket, Soya Choila with mini Buckwheat Pancake and Potato in a pickle. We are already sold! For dessert, you might want to try the Nutella Cheese pav at Pack-a-Pav or a fruit-infused icecream from Frugurpop.

As the founder of one of the most popular blogs – Mumbai Foodie – Rajani launched the food festival last year, and this time around they have enhanced the overall experience by introducing music acts by bands such as The Bassic, Banat Bagga and Ikigai, Cityhaze and Ark n Toon.

When: 11 and 12 February, 2017

Where: Courtyard, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel


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