This Tequila Cloud Is The Dreamiest Thing We've Seen In 2017

Way to go, Mexico. Other countries, are you listening?


There are many campaigns luring visitors to their countries. But this is a first. Mexico’s tourism industry just landed in Germany to entice their tourists with a promotional stunt that has left us gasping. Teaming up with a creative agency, the board created a cloud that produces raindrops made of tequila – all in the name of attracting German tourists.

How does it work (so you can sneakily create one at home too)? Ok, let’s see. First, create a mood. The tourist board synced their cloud model with the weather in Berlin. Whenever it rained in the city, users could come inside a specially-created gallery where a helpful person would be ready with a tequila shot to keep you in high spirits (pun intended!).

On the technical side, the alcohol-infused cloud is actually tequila mist stored inside a plastic container. Ultrasonic humidifiers are used to create cloud patterns that are pushed out from the container before you can sample the tequila. There’s also a tap that dispenses tequila straight up for anyone not interested in the theatrics and wants to get to the tequila asap – a thoughtful addition we think.

The tequila cloud seems like an innovative idea to lure Germans to visit the sun-kissed country away from bitter German winters. We can only hope others are taking an interest in this concept too, for example Russians could be interested in creating vodka clouds next. We’d be waiting for those rains.

H/T – Huff Post India


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