This Man Is Hatching Eggs On Live Video And You’re Invited To Watch

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Art can take many forms. Sometimes we might not be mature enough to understand it but then there will always be individuals like Abraham Poincheval who will challenge our notions about what constitutes art.

Okay, enough of being obtuse. Here’s what’s happening. French artist Abraham Poincheval is trying to raise “the question of metamorphosis and gender” by trying to hatch a dozen eggs with his body heat. Titled Egg, the latest art installation in Palais de Tokyo in Paris sees Abraham sit atop the eggs almost non-stop for almost a month inside a glass enclosure.

Whether or not the eggs will hatch and what conditions the chicks will be born in remains to be seen but many are skeptical of the installation. For one, human temperature is lower than that of chickens, leading many to believe that the eggs will not mature at all and if they do, the chicks might grow abnormally. Chickens also have a naturally-gifted patch on their underside that helps to create the ideal hatching conditions.

Eggs generally take three weeks to hatch but Abraham is giving his project a month to account for all his small breaks. He is also sitting with a huge quilt-like blanket to presumably raise his body temperature while the glass enclosure keeps the heat from dissipating. His seat has a specially cut-out section that prevents him from squishing the eggs.

If you’re interested in watching Abraham and his art project, check the live video below:

Source: Palais de Tokyo

Illustration: Vartika Pahuja


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