No, this is not fake news

Nadyar Zawiti has jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon and how. Zawiti has named his fish restaurant after Trump – in the hopes that the US President will make Kurdish Iraq great again no doubt.

Zawiti’s restaurant is called Trump Fish and sells Maskouf, Iraq’s national dish that comprises of oily carp cooked over an open fire. The restaurant’s logo is clearly inspired from lightning bolts and shows Trump’s angry face clearly marked on its signboard.

Located in the northern city of Dohuk, the region is primarily Kurdish. Zawiti is unaffected by Trump’s so-called Muslim ban and calls it mere “campaign rhetoric”. “What I admire about Trump's personality,” he told CNN, “is that he's decisive, he's tough, and hopefully with that toughness he'll finish ISIS off.”

Zawiti is now looking forward to being invited by Trump and opening his fish restaurant near the White House with all the publicity he has generated so far.

Image courtesy: Facebook

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