This Diwali welcome guest with this Fusion Halwa

Presenting you the delicious Fusion Halwa ,This blog is all about the mouth-watering halwa which is made by love and mixing of all sweet dishes,Try this recipe to make this Diwali special.


Diwali is not only about firecrackers but also about sweets and desserts. The moment the word ‘Diwali’ comes to our mind; we start imagining all kinds of sweets, and the best part is that we can consume all the sweets together. Are you wondering how?

Yes, by making yummy Fusion Halwa recipe. This fusion halwa is made by mixing all the sweets. So, this Diwali instead of the traditional sweets, serve this delicious ‘Fusion Halwa’. The Fusion Halwa recipe is as follows. Ingredients: • 1 tablespoon ghee • 2 cardamoms (green elaichi) • 5-6 pieces of fennel seeds (saunf) • 2 tablespoon milk • 2 Moti choor laddu • 2 Boondi laddu • 1 piece Imarti • 2 pieces of Peda • 2 teaspoon condensed milk • 250 grams Rabri • 5-6 raisins • 5-6 chopped almonds (badam) • 5-6 chopped pista (pistachios) • 4-5 fresh rose petals Fusion Halwa recipe: 1.Heat 1 tablespoon ghee in a pan. Once the ghee is heated on a low flame, add fennel seeds and elaichi. Wait until they start to crackle. 2.Now its time to add crushed Moti choor laddu, Boondi laddu, Imarti, and Peda. Mix all the ingredients gently. Make sure that you don’t crush the Peda too much. 3.Now add condensed milk and mix well. Once done, add Rabri / Rabdi to the mixture and mix it again and turn off the gas. 4.For garnishing, take a bowl or a cocktail glass. Then sprinkle some condensed milk on the edges of the bowl/glass. 5.Now place 1 tablespoon rabri at the bottom and then the fusion halwa above it. At last, garnish it with chopped pistachios, almonds, and rose petals.

Mouth-watering fusion halwa is ready to serve. Relish this Diwali with fusion halwa recipe with your friends, family, colleagues, etc. Break the monotony by saying bye to those traditional sweets.


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