This Christmas, Have a Food-Filled Celebration With These Ornaments

Decorations for a fast-food themed Christmas tree

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Turkey, champagne, chestnuts and pie are just some of the foods we traditionally associate with the winter festivities. But what if people actually showed their preference for the more everyday fare that they consume in large quantities throughout the year? If you feel like ‘fessing up to a love of calories, fat and... dare we say that diabolical term, ‘junk’, these Christmas decorations might be just right for you.

Embrace your love of meatballs

According to Old World Christmas, the meatball sandwich was invented by Italians who arrived in the United States around the turn of the 20th century. This is a long-standing comfort food that deserves to be honored as much as any other.
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Own up to liking kebabs

Who would have thought that a humble shish kebab, which some have unjustly dismissed as a mere sponge for beer, could be found in the company of the swell Christmas baubles sold by the very upscale Harrods? 
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Three for two

If you sitting in front of you computer and are unable to decide between pizza, Chinese takeout or a simple sandwich, just be greedy and order all three. Paper Chase is offering one free Christmas decoration for every two purchased!
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Welcome a burrito on your tree

Just the thing for a dazzling Christmas display, this burrito by Conran Shop will make your tree stand out from the crowd and also add a discreet Mexican touch to seasonal parties at your home.
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