This Bengaluru Bar Doesn't Serve Its Cocktails In Glasses

Choosing cocktails at Three Dots & a Dash is as much fun as drinking them

Arathi Menon

It’s safe to say that Three Dots & a Dash, a popular Tiki bar and restaurant in Indiranagar, which recently opened its doors to patrons of JP Nagar, is a tribute to both its namesake cocktail and its founder—Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt aka Don The Beachcomber aka Donn Beach.
Three dots & a dash is a drink with a story. It was created by Donn Beach soon after World War II and the name is the Morse code for ‘V’ which stands for victory. This cocktail, slightly tweaked from the original, may enjoy centre stage at the newly opened restaurant and bar but it is not the only cocktail on offer. According to their philosophy, it is not what you drink but what you drink it in that matters. Three Dots & A Dash serve their mindblowing cocktails in tropical style tiki mugs. We picked our top five must-haves:

Three Dots and a Dash

While white rum, brandy, apple juice, Red Bull and pineapple go into this stunning Hawaiian-inspired drink, it is the tiki bar trademark over-the-top garnish that steals the show.

Caribbean Cooler

This one is for the true-blue vodka lover. Vodka with blue curacao, tender coconut water, Malibu coconut rum and cranberry juice served in a green coconut shell. Should we say more?

Fog Cutter

While tiki drinks generally use one type of spirit base, the Fog Cutter's three-spirit base makes it stand out from the rest. It brings you rum, bourbon and gin, shaken with some almond syrup and honey while pineapple or orange juice gives it a refreshing zing.

Rob’s Mistake

It may be named so but it certainly doesn't mix liquor, liqueur and fresh juices by mistake. Expect a nice blend of whiskey, London dry gin, peach schnapps, passion fruit puree, Frangelico and pineapple juice in this one.

Sid Old-Fashioned

The presentation of this cocktail steals the show once again. With Bourbon whiskey as the base, the drink gets its character from mint and cinnamon sticks with slices of dark chocolate as garnishing.


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