Let us collectively gush over these hungry, one-horned wonders

We were just about getting over the edible glitter and unicorn cakes and all that broke the Internet in 2017, and now these adorable one-horned wonders have reappeared, plumper, happier, in what seems like fondant-induced food coma.

Just look at them! You wouldn't have the heart to eat them up, even if they're all sugar.

Speaking of sugar, these hungry puppies seem to be doing some serious grazing in fondant-Savanna, eating up all that cake and what, passing out!? You have to be a fat and cute unicorn to be able to do that at a child's birthday party and get away with it. 


And given their popularity, we're not surprised that some of these guys are showing un-unicorn like behaviour. Did this hungry bunny here just order tacos and croissant?        

 Don't say we didn't warn you to go easy on sugar, EVEN if you're just a fat, cute, and very hungry unicorn!

Okkkk...let us calm down and collectively gush just one more time. Awwwwwwww...



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