These Restaurants are Serving Onam Sadya to Help Flood Relief in Kerala

Celebrations are sombre this year, and these restaurants are sharing part of their earnings from the Onam Sadya to help Kerala.

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The flood waters have receded leaving behind a trail of devastation to life and property in Kerala this year. As per reports, Kerala reported 37% excess rainfall; and this kind of a deluge has not been witnessed in over a hundred years. Last recorded, 357 people had lost their lives and the total damage to the state is estimated to be worth Rs 19, 512 crore.

In the wake of such devastation, it is going to be a sombre Onam, not just in God’s Own Country but across the world. Malayali communities are diverting the funds earmarked for Onam celebrations, and the quintessential banquet—the Sadya, towards Kerala Flood Relief.

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But food continues to be a unifying factor for everyone. Keeping this in mind, restaurants around the world are hosting Onam Sadyas and sharing proceeds from the meal towards the relief funds in Kerala. At Mahabelly, Delhi’s gourmet destination for Kerala food, the fundraiser seeks to galvanise people into action. Explains Thomas Fenn, partner of Mahabelly, “We’re an established restaurant brand in the city and want to leverage this to create more awareness about the situation in Kerala.” Situated in the neighbourhood of Saket, Mahabelly is a collection point for urgent material requirements.

In Mumbai, Sandeep Sreedharan is hosting Onam Sadya at his restaurant Curry Tales in Mumbai with an aim of bringing people together. He says, “Charity has no price. So it is up to the guest how much they want to donate.”

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Apart from donating in the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, if you wish to also uphold the spirit of camaraderie, here are some restaurants that are hosting Onam Sadya where the proceeds will be sent for relief measures.

Mahabelly, New Delhi

DLF Mall, Saket-based restaurant is hosting a fundraiser Onam Sadya where proceeds from the three-day affair, from August 24-26, 2018, will be shared with the Kerala Relief Fund. You can also pre-order their Onam Sadya meal at home.
For reservations and pre-orders, call: +919911462757, +919017906907, +919650339524

Gossip Fusion Bistro, Chennai

Despite the eatery specialising in fusion dishes, Gossip Fusion Bistro is hosting an Onam Fundraiser Lunch on August 24, 2018. All proceeds from the communal lunch will go to the Kerala Relief Fund. Apart from the fundraiser, the bistro has a special Onam Sadya and Kerala-special non-vegetarian meal on from August 24-26, 2018.
For more information contact: +9199624 65623, 044-3020 5591

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Kappa Chakka Kandhari, Chennai

From August 24-26, 2018, Kappa Chakka Kandhari is hosting KCK Onam Sadhya 2018 at Chennai’s Railway Officers Club. Priced at a very affordable Rs 500 per person, a part of the proceeds will be donated to the Chief Minister’s Kerala Relief Fund. If you wish to enjoy Onam at home, the restaurant is also offering affordable takeaway Sadya meals.

Sanjeevanam Vegetarian Restaurant, Chennai

As the name suggests, the pure vegetarian restaurant was set up with an aim to prove that delicious food can also be healthy. Parent company of Sanjeevanam Vegetarian Restaurant, AVA Group, is also behind brands such as Medimix and Kaytra. From August 24-26, 2018, the restaurant will offer a Sadya spread for lunch and will offer Rs 100 per Sadya meal sold to Chief Minister‘s Distress Relief Fund.
For more information, call: 044- 45490324, 45490303

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Le Spice Restaurant, Bangalore

Rs 50 per Onam Sadya meal will be donated the Kerala Relief Fund at Le Spice on August 25, 2018. The Onam Sadya meal will feature 27 delicacies and more importantly the restaurant will be 150 people in one go, so that you can avoid the long winding queues. Le Spice is offering home delivery of the Onam Sadya for minimum of five orders.
For more details, call: 080-25420005, 080-25420006, 9663364526

Curry Tales, Mumbai

On Agust 25, 2018, Khar-based Curry Tales, a restaurant which focuses on home-style coastal food from Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra, will be hosting a Onam Sadya meal. After the meal, you can pay whatever you like and proceeds from the amount will be contributed to the flood relief fund.
To reserve a table for the meal, connect on 022-26483851 and +919819629099.

Dravida’s Bistro, Pune

With a focus on Ayurvedic tenets of food, Dravida’s Bistro serves up holistic south Indian meals. For Onam, on August 25-26, 2018, the restaurant will be serving Onam Sadya meals for both lunch and dinner. Priced at Rs 450, 25% of the proceeds will be donated to Kerala Chief Minister‘s Relief Fund.
Call +916380675455 for more details.


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