These Food Shaped Bags Are Taking Over And Here’s Where You Can Buy Yours

Bags that are too good to eat!

Ainee Nizami

Close your eyes (figuratively, of course) and think about the best part of your day? You are thinking of your warm bed, a good movie on Netflix and a slice of pizza, right? We get it. Nothing can bring on that smile so quick as the prospect of good food waiting to be devoured; and why not! Now imagine if you could carry around a slice of that happiness all day long? Food-inspired bags are the latest trend to hit the fashion circuit and boy WE ARE HERE FOR IT. Because who doesn’t like to be reminded about the best part of their day... food!


To help you cop on to the trend, we’ve sifted through the internet and compiled a list of the best food-shaped and printed bags that can be had with a large serving. We mean you can buy, style, and own these babies! Thank us later.


1. Pineapple-Shape Sling

 Nothing screams your love for fruits as this pineapple-shaped sling purse. The yellow and green tones pretty much blend in with every outfit and add to the cute quotient at work. 

 Buy it here


2. Lemon and Orange Print Laptop Case 

 Give your laptop cover the makeover it deserves. This lemon and orange print laptop case adds the perfect zing to your look this season. 

 Buy it here

 3. Fruit-Shaped Bag Accessory

 If you don’t wish to commit to a fruity choice just yet, this tote with a fruit-shaped accessory can also seal the deal. We love the orange and red combo; it’s perfect for the monsoons.

 Buy it here


4. Apple-Shaped Box Clutch

 An apple a day may be keeping the doctor away; however, an apple-shaped bag is sure to get tons of compliments coming your way. This red number from Amazon will pretty much go with everything in your wardrobe.

 Buy it here


5. French Fries Printed Laptop Bag

 Liven up your work bag with this funky (or should we say delicious) laptop cover. Hello, french fries.

 Buy it here


6. Orange-Shaped Crossbody Purse

 Remember, Orange Is The New Black! We’d love to pair this with our monsoon essentials of flipflops, red lipstick and denim shorts.

 Buy it here

7. Pineapple-Shaped Bucket Bag

Here’s one piece of fruity-shaped accessory that’ll even go with your Indian wear. This pineapple-shaped bucket bag (think potlis) is undoubtedly going to be a big winner in your wardrobe this monsoon.

 Buy it here


8. Popcorn Shoulder Bag

 Are you going to the movies? Don’t forget to take this fab popcorn bag with you.

 Buy it here


9. Watermelon-Shaped Purse

 This red and green bag is just what the monsoon fashionistas ordered. We bet you can get this to go with everything from your Sunday brunch outfit with the girls to a coffee date on a Friday night. 

Buy it here


10. Watermelon Print Tote 

 While we are talking red and green, this watermelon print tote can be a great addition to your bag collection. You could dump everything in here from your laptop to a tiffin box full of… well, watermelons. 

 Buy it here


11. Pineapple Crossbody Bag

 Who said fruit-shaped bags are not high fashion? This crochet number can be a perfect companion for all those indoor parties you’ll be attending this monsoon. 

 Buy it here


12. French Fries Mini Bag

 We don’t need to say a single word to convince you to buy this… it’s love at first sight.

Buy it here


13. Strawberry Pouch

 Use this cute strawberry pouch to stash your makeup or use it as a small clutch for when you are running out for errands. Either way compliments guaranteed. 

 Buy it here


14. Watermelon Pencil Box

Start small with this watermelon-shaped pencil box. You can either use it to flaunt that impressive stationery collection at work, or put in some vital makeup essentials and take it with you on holiday.
 Buy it here


15. Strawberry Print Sunglass Pouch 

 The pale pink strawberry print pouch can be an excellent home for your monsoon sunnies (yeah they are a thing). In fact, this makes for a perfect accessory for work on Wednesday, coz remember, “On Wednesdays we wear pink” (hi-five if you got that reference).

 Buy it here


16. Watermelon-Shaped Tote Bag

 Jute bags are in; however, we suggest you go a step ahead and invest in this jute, watermelon-shaped tote. We love the aesthetics of this bag. 

 Buy it here


17. Doughnut-Shaped Coin Purse

 Nothing makes for better arm candy than this doughnut-shaped coin purse. Enough said. 

 Buy it here


18. Junk Food Shoulder Bag

 So what if you are on a diet and have sworn off junk food. You can always flaunt your love for the greasy delights with this awesome shoulder bag.

 Buy it here


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