"These Awards Are A Perfect Platform To Celebrate The Best Premium Dining Spaces In The Country"

With the return of Epicurean Guild Awards 2018, we asked our curator why the industry is looking forward to the awards

Priyanko Sarkar

"This is the most exhaustive food award ceremony that anyone has seen in the Indian landscape," Chef Manu Chandra said. 

Chandra, who is leading the jurors at the Epicurean Guild Awards with his role as a mentor for the prestigious awards, said that the restaurant industry in India is in dire need of introspection. He seemed happy with the way the Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards has turned out and is all praises for the grueling process through which winners are chosen. “The fact that we are being discerning as a set of jurors and earmark categories in its highest possible form and manifestation shows that we are trying to create a benchmark for other restaurants and chefs rather than create a level-playing field for everyone,” he says.

According to Chandra, it is important to have a distinction between categories and different types of restaurants. It’s not fair to club all chefs and restaurants into broad categories. Instead, the differentiation and careful selection of categories at Epicurean Guild Awards is a better option to truly recognise winners in the F&B space. “Otherwise it’s like clubbing a handmade Italian shoe and a polyester chappal made in a factory-line process that churns out 40,000 shoes everyday,” he says. 

Another important reason why Epicurean Guild Awards is important is to give diners an authoritative and credible source to help them discern from among the best restaurants in the country. Chandra says that since people don’t associate restaurants with a face, it’s important to build credibility through a set of jurors that is widely travelled, has years of experience behind them and are knowledgeable in the F&B space. “Then we sit and mutually discuss the best restaurants and award them. It’s not like one person is sitting and making decisions. There is nothing ad-hoc at any stage,” Chandra says.

Chandra believes people want to see a credible set of jurors and trust their opinion when it comes to the fine dining space. As he says, “You can fill your stomach at a roadside dhaba as well as a 3-Michelin star restaurant. If that’s your only criteria, then probably Epicurean Guild Awards isn’t for you. For everyone else, these awards offer value way beyond just the eating experience.”

The Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards, thus, is not any other awards show. It is the culmination of months of hard work behind the scenes to compile, curate, reward and recognise excellence in the food business. The winners of Epicurean Guild Awards deserve to be counted as the best amongst the rest in their business. 


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