These Are The Food Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Industry experts share food trends that will define the year

Priyanko Sarkar

 As chefs consolidate their plans for the year thus far and we progress into the summer of 2018, it's an interesting time to focus on the food trends that the year is about to see. We spoke with some of the leading names in the food and beverage space to understand what trends will hit our plates and palates in the days to come. Here’s what we found out.


Rise of Specialty Restaurants

In 2017, we saw the rise in specialty restaurants as people are travelling around the globe and experiencing various types of cuisine. This has continued to open doors for more specialty restaurants and changing the lifestyle and food experience of people as they want to experience the same taste in their own country.

-          — Chef Ajay Thakur, Head Chef, Henpecked


Vegan Food, Live Counters and Different Salts

Day by day people are getting more and more conscious about their eating habits. Considering salt is a very important ingredient in food, people are now opting for natural salt and not the refined salt. Here are different types of salts that will rule 2018. One is Himalayan Pink Salt

that provides essential minerals, trace elements, balances electrolytes, supports proper nutrient absorption, eliminates toxin and Rock Salt that can be used as a healthy substitute in lieu of common salt. 

Live counters are another great experience for everyone that’s going to rule in 2018. Imagine watching your food getting cooked and then being served to you hot and fresh. Additionally, you can ask the cooks to customise it according to your preference. Time to say goodbye to boring buffets; make way for live food counters.

Being a vegan is not only becoming more popular but it is also becoming easier and more delicious thanks to innovations in foods and recipes. People are looking for more ethically produced and environmentally sustainable foods focusing on whole, minimally processed foods has been linked to a decrease in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and a host of other health issues. Hence, Veganism will will be trending in 2018.

-  Hiren Kumar, City Chef (Mumbai), Glocal Junction


Eating With Eyes

We taste with our eyes first in this active age of social media and Instagramming it is very important to make our drinks look equally awesome as they taste. Saying that, I feel that Culinary Cooked Cocktails are trending this year where bartenders are mixing garden veggies and other food ingredients and cooking them live to create these wonderful Cocktails. Not only do they taste great but these are also a pleasure to the eye.

-       — Sonali Mullick, Regional Manager, HITCHKI


Fusion Khichdi

This year will be about going back to our roots and celebrating the local essence of India. We believe that khichdi will dominate the menus at restaurants and food joints this year. While culinary experts will stick to the traditional dish, it will be interesting to see them add their own western or modern spin to it.

According to me, Fusion Khichdi can be a ruling trend in India in 2018. The art of 'alteration' and 'addition' will play a major role in turning the simple recipe into a winning dish. Chefs from across the country will try to make their own rendition of the age-old comfort food. At BKC Dive, we have already realized the potential of this dish and have tried to make it fun and exciting by using ingredients like mushrooms, meat, veggies, and prawns.

— Head Chef, Chef Munawar Taher Peerzade, BKC Dive


Rise of Pop-up Restaurants and Local Produce

This year I feel a lot of interesting pop-up restaurants will dominate. It’ll be interesting to see what concepts and cuisines come out on top at these pop-up events. At Magazine Street Kitchen, we’ve seen a healthy growth in participation from people at each of our pop-ups so I am keen to see how this goes forward. The other trend that’ll dominate in 2018 is local produce as chefs dig deep into their roots and hero local produce. It just means more variety for diners and I’m excited to try out some of the new dishes that I’m sure are headed our way this year.

-    —  Gauri Devidayal, Co-partner, The Table – Mumbai


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