The Ultimate Easter Dinner Special Menu

Celebrate Easter with this specially curated dinner menu.

Annabelle D’Costa

Gather your friends and family to celebrate Easter with this Easter special menu. Every single dish on the Easter special menu is heartwarming and a hit with people of all ages. From an easy mac-and-cheese to the much-loved roast chicken, here’s a heartwarming spread for your Easter special menu. 

Mac and Cheese

Luscious, creamy and cheesy sauce, macaroni and a golden, buttery, crunchy topping, mac-and-cheese redefines comfort food.  This one will be a perfect fit for your Easter special menu.
The Ultimate Easter Dinner Special Menu

Roast Chicken 

It may seem daunting, but putting together a roast chicken is surprisingly easy. This recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani will yield an aromatic and mouth-watering main course for your Easter special menu

The Ultimate Easter Dinner Special Menu

Carrot Cake

Desserts are the best part of a meal and this carrot cake will play the part with great grace for your Easter special menu. Before you finish it all, remember a cake tastes even better for breakfast. Clicke here for the complete carrot cake recipe.



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