The Tale of Two Bananas That Opened a Can of Worms

What’s your Rahul Bose moment?

Annabelle D’Costa

That Twitter can turn into your padoswali aunty – always buzzing with gossip of national importance– is known. The latest to catch the attention of tweeple is actor Rahul Bose, who after a sweaty workout sesh at JW Marriott Hotel Chandigarh, decided to snack on some fresh fruit. He asked for two bananas and was slapped with a bill for  442.50, which Bose obviously found outrageously expensive! The guy was just looking for some post-workout energy food, guys!

Being the woke citizen that he is, Bose filmed a video complaining about how the luxury hotel charged him ₹ 442.50 (inclusive of GST) for two bananas that were wrongly identified as ‘food platter’. The caption on his video reads, “You have to see this to believe it. Who said fruit wasn’t harmful to your existence? Ask the wonderful folks at @JWMarriottChd #goingbananas #howtogetfitandgobroke #potassiumforkings”

Bose’s video has since then gone viral with about 2.4k+ retweets. There were some kind suggestions, and several witty quips, and pretty soon, the two bananas were trending.

We have all been at the receiving end of blatant overcharging by restaurants, hotels and other food businesses, and wondered where to seek redressal. But it didn’t turn out to be a lucky day for JW Mariott, Chandigarh. The Chandigarh Deputy Commissioner and Excise and Taxation Commissioner Mandip Singh Brar stepped in and ordered an investigation into the “illegal and exorbitant charge of GST” in lieu of JW Marriott overcharging for two bananas. Lesson to be learnt from the Mr. and Mrs. Iyer actor: You don’t let people off the hook easily.

While Bose’s post reached the right people and stirred officials into action, you don’t have to be a Rahul Bose to exercise your right to ask the management for the breakdown of an overpriced food item.

That said, the post also stirred Tweeple who promptly began to share their #RahulBoseMoment. From expensive popcorn at multiplexes to overcharged samosas and water bottles at airports, we’ve all been there. But scrolling through these left us ROFL-ing.  


 My Rahul Bose moment was carrying some extra mineral water bottles in my check-in baggage and paying INR 7200 to Jet Airways for a set of 10 bottles!


 I once got slapped a bill of $15 for coconut water. Like literal naariyal paani. It didn't even have malai. :( #RahulBoseMoment 


My Rahul Bose moment was paying 300 bucks for a regular popcorn in a multiplex 😂 Bc movie ticket se jyada toh popcorn mehenga tha😂


 my rahul bose moment was when I bought a coffee for 75 rs. for the first time aur sharam ke maare cheeni bhi nahi maang paya 😭


My Rahul Bose moment was paying 160rs for a glass of soda .....I guess the gas was really special #RahulBoseMoment


Paid Rs 600 for one 50 ml mojito drink , baad mai pata chala jal jeera tha vo#RahulBoseMoment



 Lead image illustrated by Vartika Pahuja 


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