The Perfect Menu to Spread Christmas Cheer

Whether it’s a meal at home or with friends, here are delicious options for all your loved ones

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It’s Christmas season and we’ve listed a show-stopping menu just for you. Kickstart the celebrations with nibbles such as shrimp sausage bites or paneer spring rolls (made with store-bought spring roll sheets to speed things up). Then present the mains: traditional stuffed roast chicken or stuffed leg of lamb with balsamic, fig, and basil sauce. For vegetarians, instead of a curry, cook up something unusual—a soya shepherd’s pie (well why not!). You grand finale can be a classic Christmas (rum) cake or pudding. 

Food aside, don’t forget some merry drinks to keep the festive cheer going. There’s classico, gooseberry mojito, and many other mocktail and cocktail recipes to choose from. Browse through and put together your perfect festive meal. Merry Christmas!

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Begin the feast with LF expert Maria Goretti’s version of the Serbian Christmas bread made with eggs, ragi flour, refined flour, butter, oil, flax seeds, and water. Traditionally, in Serbia, they put a coin in the dough while kneading and bake the bread as is. Once done, they serve pieces of cesnica to each member at the dinner table. The person who finds the coin in his or her piece might supposedly have a lucky year ahead – interesting, isn’t it?

The Perfect Menu to Spread Christmas Cheer

Check out its step-by-step recipe here.

Shrimp Sausage Bites

Keep things light before the main course with these well-spiced shrimp and chicken sausage bites by chef Pankaj Bhadouria. The highlight of this non-vegetarian appetiser is the aromatic and flavourful marinade.

Paneer Spring Rolls
hef Rakhee Vaswani’s paneer spring rolls are a combination of two popular Chinese and Indian dishes – spring rolls and matar paneer. All you need to do is sauté cottage cheese with green peas, green chillies, coriander, and some spices, place the mixture on a spring roll sheet, roll it and seal the ends. For step-by-step recipe of paneer spring rolls, click here

Now, in case this vegetarian appetiser doesn’t impress you enough, you can opt for chef Gautam Mehrishi’s hot and spicy amaranth crusted tofu with a spinach puree at the side. 


Stuffed Roast Chicken

The Perfect Menu to Spread Christmas Cheer

If you want to stick to traditional, try chef Goretti’s favourite Christmas recipe – Roast chicken stuffed with chicken liver, vegetables, and fruits, which are cooked in butter and spices (cinnamon, black pepper, garam masala, and red chilli powder. Check out the complete ingredients’ list and step-by-step recipe of stuffed roast chicken here

Stuffed leg of lamb with balsamic fig basil sauce

How about a French recipe in your Christmas feast? If that seems like a good idea to you, here is a stuffed leg of lamb recipe that you can bake. Chef Goretti serves it with a balsamic, fig, honey and basil sauce. Check out the recipe video here. 

The Perfect Menu to Spread Christmas Cheer

Looking for the ingredients’ list and method? Click here. 

If not these stuffed meat recipes, you can turn to the variety of vindaloo recipes that we have to offer – pork and mutton. Vindaloo is a meat curry that is known for its spicy and tangy flavours. It is derived from a Portuguese dish called carne de vinha d’alhos, which basically meant meat marinated in vinegar and garlic. Learn how to make pork vindaloo at home with this simple step-by-step recipe

Soya Shepherd’s Pie

Who said the English-favourite shepherd’s pie can only be made with meat? Made with soya granules, potatoes, and tomatoes, chef Brar’s version of shepherd’s pie is a satisfying and hearty main meal for vegetarians. Check out the step-by-step recipe of the soya shepherd’s pie here


Make things more festive with some traditional desserts such as the Christmas cake or Christmas pudding. These sweet treats may take time to make but the look of awe on your loved ones' faces, when they see these on the dining table, will surely be worth all the effort. 


No festive dinner can be complete without some drinks. While a bottle of fizz with some juice can serve a crowd, we’d suggest you put some more thought into it. How about making some warm and fragrant mulled wine to set the mood? Else, we’ve got a long list of whiskey and vodka-based cocktails for you to scroll through and book your favourites.

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The Perfect Menu to Spread Christmas Cheer

We also have some interesting mocktails for non-drinkers. Make the most of amla (Indian gooseberries), a winter fruit, by preparing
this mojito with a twist or go for this cherry-based mocktail with orange slices and grenadine. 


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