The Perfect Match: When Health Meets Fun

The Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Award co-powered by India Gate Brown Rice makes a winning combo.

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The best partnerships are mutually nurturing. India Gate, with its focus on healthier, happier food, is partnering with Living Foodz, India’s premium food and lifestyle channel, for its premier Awards property. The Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards 2018 co-powered by India Gate Brown Rice is a force to reckon with in the F&B industry, setting a benchmark for Food and Restaurant awards in India, with its meticulous selection, validated processes, secret voting and anonymous dining out. The ethos of both the brands is about commitment to quality and a global outlook. “The Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards recognise and celebrate the people and places that have put India on the world gourmet map, we are proud to associate with this event," says Mr. Ayush Gupta, Marketing Head, KRBL.

Just as quality and credibility is the DNA of the premium awards property, it is the force that drives the India Gate Brown Rice brand. Adding to that, Mr. Ayush Gupta says, “At India Gate, we believe that being healthy should be as simple as having the food we love, and our grains help people take charge of their health and eat nutritious food without compromising on the taste,”. The India Gate Brown Rice comes in two variants – Brown Basmati Rice, enriched with GABA (it’s an amino acid called Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid found in germinated brown rice, this has a better amino acid profile than normal husked brown rice). These nutrients help in enhancing memory, relieve anxiety and stress and improve focus, and makes a great product for students as well as professionals.” 

The second variant is called ‘Weight Watchers Special Brown Rice’ has high fibre, making it a delicious option to lose weight while you feel great. High-fibre foods  keep you feeling full longer, they’re low-GI foods—that is, they release sugar in the blood gradually, so you won’t get those 4 pm craving or cheat on your diet. And what’s more, your gut will love you back! 

Furthering India Gate’s commitment to giving consumers greater choice of tasty and healthy foods, the brand has launched the superfood Quinoa, a fibre and protein-rich grain that contains 9 essential amino-acids and several other micronutrients. Quinoa can be enjoyed by everyone—from toddlers to dada-dadis. It’s a great option for busy professionals, a healthy protein choice for fitness enthusiasts and vegetarians, diabetics and weight watchers. Check out the delicious ways you can cook quinoa in, and indulge in its guilt-free goodness.

Here's a delicious recipe for Brown Rice Pudding:

The Perfect Match: When Health Meets Fun

Speaking of the association, Amit Nair, business head, Living Foodz, says, “The Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards honours the avant-garde restaurants and culinary artists who have created world-class dining experiences in India. In its second year we are quite happy to have created an IP that sets the bar high with a nuanced and meticulous process that sets us apart. We’re glad that our partner brand is equally committed to the idea of quality and excellence."


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