The Middle-Eastern connection with Biryani

This blog is all about the delicious Biryani know how biryani originated from the era of the royals & how it became the most famous Mughlai dish, explore the aroma & taste of Mughlai culture's biryani


Do you love Biryani? We know it’s hard to say no!!! But have you ever come across how and from where biryani became the part of Indian cuisine? If not, then you are at the right place to know the history of one of the most lovable food dish of India, “Biryani”. You must be aware that many invaders had visited India, though their mission was to capture and rule over India when they visited, they also came with the diversity of food which eventually helped us in a great extent. With the arrival of Muslim invaders such as Arabs, Persians, Turks and Afghans, India tasted and experienced the culture of feasts. India is famous for Mughlai cuisine which was developed from the 15th century until the 19th century when Mughals presence. Mughals were the one who did many changes and took several initiatives in the way of cooking which helps in providing recipes like Biryani, Pilaf (means Pulao) or kebabs etc. Major food recipes given by Mughals was non-vegetarian which consists of meat like chicken, mutton, beef, etc. Though biryani is strongly associated with Mughals, there is other historical evidence where it is mentioned that several rice dishes were invented before Mughals such as “Oon Soru”. The main components for making this dish are rice, meat, ghee, turmeric, pepper, coriander, bay leaf etc. And this dish was made to feed the warriors. Al-Biruni who was one of the famous historians has precisely shared recipes of Indian meals that existed well before Mughals. That description also consists of dishes related to rice. So, this is all about the Middle-Eastern connection with Biryani. No wonder that Biryani has managed to make a special place in the hearts of Indians and this is what matters in the end. 


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