The Many Avatars of Popeye-approved Spinach!

Think beyond palak paneer!

Shraddha Varma

Here’s yet another example of a scary vegetable, especially when we were children—spinach; it didn’t matter whether Popeye loved it! But, with time, we’ve all had to acknowledge that Popeye was right. From keeping our blood pressure in check to reducing joint pain, and keeping our energy levels up, there’s so much a bunch of spinach can do

Today, in our #OneIngredientManyWays series, we put the spotlight on this humble leafy vegetable. Gear up, as we show you different ways in which you can include spinach in your diet, beyond the ubiquitous palak paneer.. 

Palak Puri

Craving for something fried during the monsoons? These palak puris can come to your rescue. All you need to prepare this recipe apart from spinach is two types of flour (finger millet and wheat), a bunch of coriander and mint leaves, and chaat masala. The best part, the puris are shallow fried and not deep fried!

Palak Mangodi ki Chaat

Who said fast food can’t be healthy? Here we have Chef Ranveer Brar serving us a chaat whose hero ingredients are whole green gram and the iron-packed spinach. Don’t worry, all the greens that go into the recipe does not compromise with the taste. Just think spicy palak mangodi dipped in yogurt, with hints of chaat masala. 

Tofu Spinach Scrambled Crisps

If you’re bored with the regular sandwich or wrap routine, we’ve got a fun way to jazz things up. How about you swap the mundane fillings with spicy mix of tofu and spinach? Chef Brar’s Tofu and Spinach Scrambled Crisps makes for a great recipe for moms who are struggling to feed leafy vegetables to their children. 

Spinach Prawn Roll

Craving for a wrap but aren’t really sure if you want the maida or whole wheat tortillas? Don’t worry, our young Emanual Chauhan has you covered. This appetising recipe involves wrapping spicy and juicy prawns in spinach leaves. 

Spinach and Parmesan Rice

Browsing for some comfort food? Treat your taste buds with this cheesy rice recipe by Chef Vaibhav Mahajan. He spices up the rice with a dash of nutmeg and black pepper and serves it with a lamb stew. 

Green Green Fairy Queen Soup

We absolutely love how Punj creates some healthy yet appetising recipes. This flavoursome soup is loaded with green vegetables such as French beans, bell peppers, and spinach.

Greek Spanakopita

Go Greek with Chef Ripudaman Handa’s Spanakopita recipe. It involves filling a mixture of spinach and feta cheese into phyllo pastry sheets and frying them to perfection. Have you tried this scrumptious dish yet? 

Lasooni Palak Dal

Here’s something you’d need at the end of a hectic work day—a bowl of steamed rice with lasooni palak dal. One of the simplest recipes on this list, all it requires you to do is to add some spinach leaves and a tadka of onion-garlic and everyday Indian spices to boiled yellow moong dal. 


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