The Latest COVID-19 Baking Trend Is Toilet Paper Cakes

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It's baking, with a dash of humour. After incidents of panic buying cleared grocery store shelves of toilet paper rolls most notably in the US, Canada and the UK, professional and amateur bakers have taken to making toilet paper cakes in homage to one of the most sought-after consumer commodities of COVID-19, 2020.

First, it was bread. With nothing but time on their hands, people on lockdown and in self-isolation suddenly began tapping into their inner pioneer spirit, turning their kitchens into homesteads where fresh bread was kneaded, risen and baked.

The newest trend in quarantine stress baking? Toilet paper cake. The devil is in the details: white fondant replicates quilted paper and patterns, the inner cardboard tubing brings the cakes to life, and poo emojis are sometimes added, leaving little to the imagination.

Grocery stores and bakeries are getting in on the trend, selling the novelty cakes in-store, while amateur bakers are also showing off their version of the edible toilet paper rolls on Insta.

Have a birthday in quarantine coming up? Here's a tutorial on how to bake a toilet paper cake:

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