The Best of Namma Bengaluru to Binge On

We’ve put together a too-hard-to-resist list of Bengaluru foods for the true-blue Royal Challengers Bangalore fan.

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If you enjoy an exciting cricketing tournament, you’ll want to have something equally fun to munch on while you watch the game. Fortunately, LF’s got you covered with a special series on must-have foods from the homes of each of the Indian Premier League teams you support – because, why not!

The city of Bengaluru is home to Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), a team that has been part of IPL since its inaugural edition in 2008. Helmed by Indian skipper Virat Kohli since 2012, RCB has a massive fan base all over the country, including Bengaluru, of course! As of the first half of IPL 2019, the team is on the eight (read last) position on the points table, which isn’t the best for them. However, given the faith RCB fans have on Kohli, AB de Villiers, and the team, they are expected to make a strong comeback in the game soon. Now, while RCB loyalists await ‘acche din’, let’s go through our list of five lip-smacking dishes from the melting pot of cultures that is Bengaluru. 

Bun Nippat

Bun Nippat to Bangalore is what vada pav is to Mumbai. It is a crispy fried nippat (a Kannadiga rice cracker) placed in a freshly-baked bun with chopped onions, sweet and green chutney, and grated cheese. This delicious on-the-go snack is best paired with a masala soft drink. For the uninitiated, bun nippat was invented by brothers Vinod Kumar PK and Anil Kumar PK, the owners of Chetty’s Corner in Seshadripuram, back in 1997 and so was the masala soft drink. Although, with time, others in Bengalure have cashed in on bun nippat’s popularity with their own versions of the snack, Chetty’s Corner continues to be the go-to spot for most locals. After all, who can beat the original!

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Mangalore Buns

Made with overripe bananas , flour, buttermilk, sugar, salt, and a pinch of soda, the Mangalore buns aka Udupi buns are a delicacy from coastal Karnataka that have found favour in Bengaluru. Do not be fooled by the name, Mangalore buns are nothing like the usual buns you find at bakeries. It is more of a cross between a puri and a bun. This deep-fried bread is mildly sweet and is best accompanied by a spicy coconut chutney. The Mangalore buns are among Bengaluru’s favourites when it comes to satiate breakfast and tea-time hunger. CTR and Halli Mane in Malleshwaram are two of the many places that serve delicious Mangalore buns in Bengaluru. 

Gobi Manchurian

Yes, you read it right. North India’s popular Indo-Chinese dish, where gobhi (cauliflower) meets Manchurian, is an important part of Bengaluru’s foodscape since the late 1990s. This bite-sized snack is made using batter-fried cauliflower florets sautéed with chopped onions, capsicum, ginger-garlic, and green chillies. Gobi Manchurian gets its signature greasy texture and spicy flavour with soy sauce and chilli sauce. It is devoured with great relish by Bangaloreans; even the dreaded MSG can’t keep them away. 

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Donne Biryani

Donne Biryani was popularised in Bengaluru, by local military restaurants set up for Maratha soldiers in the 17th century. This preparation is more like a pulao as the rice and marinated meat are cooked together on firewood or coal. And it gets the name ‘Donne Biryani’ from the dried leaf bowl, known locally as donne, in which it is served. What’s unique about this dish is the lip-smacking green masala, primarily made of mint and coriander, which coats the short-grained, aromatic rice. Now, while one can find Donne Biryani across Bengaluru, some say that the one served at the Shivaji Military Hotel in Jayanagar is the best. There are few who swear by the one sold at Gudappa Donne Biryani, which has branches in Koramangala and Seshadripuram. 

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Pardon our exaggeration, but Bengaluru and puff pastries are synonymous with each other. Veggies, meat or eggs, no matter what your filling preference, the city has a puff for you. And the variety is not just limited to savoury puffs only. They’ve even got cream-filled ones too for people who enjoy sweet puffs. In Bengaluru, every puff lover has a favourite place where he/she goes for a regular fix and hence, it’s difficult to list the best ones. However, Koshy’s (Richmond Town), Albert Bakery (Frazer Town), and VB Bakery (VV Puram) are a few of the popular ones in the city. 


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